30 Beautiful Nature Inspired Web Designs

by Brant Wilson

February 13, 2011 in Inspiration

Let’s start the week off with some nice inspiration from mother nature. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring! Enjoy this collection of 30 nature inspired web designs.

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  • Communication Ethique

    Feb 13th

    Amazing green websites and creative designs !

  • Saifur

    Feb 13th

    Quite beautiful indeed.

  • Web Design Hull

    Feb 14th

    Great collection, I’m a sucker for green grass, blue sky and fluffy cloud designs… thanks for sharing.

  • omvaishnav

    Feb 14th

    Nice collection..

  • ruopolo

    Feb 14th

    A german Website for the list: http://www.naturpfade-jena.de/

  • raybak

    Feb 14th

    nice showcase of great designs with natural theme:D

  • Stu Mason

    Feb 14th

    Some lovely designs in there, thanks for collating them for us :)

    I came across this the other day: http://www.naturespath.co.uk which has some nice elements in there.

  • Syntetyc

    Feb 14th

    so beautiful!! fine designs and great concepts!

  • G369

    Feb 14th

    Right on time… Thank you Brant!

  • Hannah Hurst

    Feb 14th

    Every single design is spot on! The beautiful nature theme is expressed really well and a definite bookmarking. A truly brilliant collection here, thanks for sharing.

  • Fredrik

    Feb 14th

    well that was inspiring! inserviowebsolutions is a bit of my favorite right now…

  • chestaz

    Feb 14th

    wow… that was awesome collection!

    check out this site

    This is my project in 2010 for strawberry company
    maybe it can define under your catergories “beautiful-nature-inspired-web-designs”

  • cincinnati web design

    Feb 14th

    Just what I was looking for! I’m doing our towns park website haha, thanks :D

  • Daniel

    Feb 15th

    Very nice collection. A good source for great inspiration.

  • Daniel

    Feb 15th

    A good inspiration for designers. Thanks! Good work. Keep it up!

  • ChayaChitra Photography

    Feb 16th

    Amazing collection of green websites. Lot of inspiration. Thanks for sharing

  • Tucson Web Design

    Feb 17th

    Beautifully designed web sites, sure to be inspiration

  • InspiroHost

    Feb 18th

    Such fantastic designs! Some are simple yet elegant.
    Truly inspired by nature and indeed realistic!

  • Ching

    Feb 19th

    Very awesome designs, I am feeling totally inspired to go green now, going to incorporate it in our new website

    Thanks again!

  • Lars Ebert

    Feb 20th

    I really love the island-illustrations by arbel-designs and giantmediacorp. They just look great!

  • dich vu pg

    Feb 21st

    Not bad. But i like a simple design. There web designs has very much color so i don’t like it.

  • Norah Holloway

    Feb 24th

    wow some of these are amazing!

  • Lauren

    Feb 25th

    I love the combination of texture and depth along with a clean and vector-y look, seen in so many of these examples. My favorite. :)

  • Inkfreakz - Tattoo Design

    Feb 27th

    Great collection

  • Pakistani Embroidered dresses women

    Mar 1st

    awesome designs,these are amazing!

  • lorindo

    Mar 26th

    Hola muy buena recopilacion, pero creo que te faltó la mia!!!http://smartcube.com.mx/ y esta tambien: http://smartcube.com.mx/sites/kutta/ Un saludo!

  • WordPress Designer

    May 6th

    Superb post and an awesome collection. Many thanks for sharing this useful resource. Kudos :)

  • iMd Design

    Jul 14th

    AMAZING !!!!!!! =O

  • Tucson Web Design

    Jul 28th

    These are so great. Really inspirational and appealing designs. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I really liked Sprout Fund, it was just classic and elegant and I really could relate to that style, but I also enjoyed the more whimsical selections. Very nice compilation :)

  • Egypt Web Designer

    Aug 3rd

    stripes-design is my favorite one!
    I like the cartoonish style so much!
    thanks for share and waiting for more

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