30 Interesting 404 Pages

by Brant Wilson

July 7, 2011 in Inspiration

A 404 error page shows up when user tries to browse to a web page that doesn’t exist anymore. The link may be broken, moved, or never existed. In this roundup we are featuring 30 interesting 404 pages for your inspiration. Enjoy!!































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  • Chris

    Jul 7th

    I think Digg has a good one too. It was a Oregon Trail theme and said “Digg broke an axle” lol

  • Web Design Houston

    Jul 7th

    The 404 page is one of those details that many new web designers overlooks. In fact I’m a web designer in Houston, TX. and I often forget to style the 404 pages of websites I have designed. This post has inspired that in me and I will try an incorporate more design on the 404 pages I design. Thanks for the great post.

  • Phil Johns

    Jul 7th

    Great selection here. I too agree that the Digg one was pretty cool.

    The Google 404 page however could be greatly improved – I blogged about it here: http://pjstudio.co.uk/blog/google-should-improve-their-404-error-page/

  • peopelof

    Jul 7th

    I think what all this links above… not interesting. real 404 error page must be fully informative. minimum graphic, maximum info and navigation

  • Mike van Hoenselaar

    Jul 8th

    Great overview. What a lot of 404 do wrong is telling the user that the user did something wrong. But YOU did something wrong. A big difference.

    And if you didnt do anything wrong. Give the user the impression that you did.

  • Martin LeBlanc Eigtved

    Jul 8th

    Nice list.

    Turbomilk did this nice drawing for Iconfinder’s 404: http://www.iconfinder.com/pagenotfound

  • Stefa

    Jul 8th

    How about mine ? http://www.skillstar.com/404
    Hope your enjoy !!!

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Jul 8th

    The 404 page with the title ‘Play Again’ gave me an idea to embed a game instead of a pic. The first 404 page of a man sitting on a chair is fantastic too.

  • Saifu

    Jul 8th

    Interesting……..i like denisechandler…

  • Sjur

    Jul 8th

    Last one is the default GoDaddy 404 page.

  • G369

    Jul 8th

    thank you, very inspiring!
    I’ll leave one as well, the last I saw:

  • Oles

    Jul 8th

    Creashit is the best

  • Swamykant

    Jul 8th

    Wow. awesome collection.

  • David Hellmann

    Jul 8th

    Thanks for sharing! :) Nice collection. 404 Pages are so awesome :)

  • jack

    Jul 8th

    haha denise chandlers 404 page is just the one that comes if you host with godaddy.com

  • Bonjour 404

    Jul 8th

    Nice collection!
    We have the same collection (and more!) on http://www.bonjour404.fr/
    The best 404 showcase EVER!

  • Joefrey Mahusay

    Jul 10th

    Love the brandstack. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Matthew Fennell

    Jul 11th

    These look great and are a vast improvement over the default boring ones, love em!

  • Christopher

    Jul 11th

    @Stefa: I love the illustration! Looks great!

  • jaw crusher

    Jul 12th

    wow, there adopt all type of website, very great, and i have save them

  • PsdDude

    Jul 12th

    Really creative, I might try to make my own 404 page :)

  • Space Ark Studios

    Jul 12th

    Very creative! It would be great if there is a tutorial on how to do a 404 page.

  • Andrey

    Jul 13th

    written “uncharted territory”

  • Fort Myers Website Design

    Jul 14th

    I would like to appreciate for sharing all these designs as all of them are much creative. I am definitely going to use many of them.

  • Frog

    Jul 14th

    FrogsThemes.com is wicked and was featured on Mashable…


  • may loc nuoc nano

    Jul 16th

    nice collection!
    Thanks for sharing

  • Web Design Houston Texas

    Jul 29th

    Good to become visiting your own website once more, it has been months for me. This write-up which i’ve already been anxiously waited for so long. I have to possess this post to overall my own task within the university, and contains identical subject together with your write-up. Thank you, fantastic share.

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