30 iOS App Icon Designs for iPhone & iPad

by Jake Rocheleau

on September 15, 2011

in Inspiration

iPhone and iPad have taken the world by storm. Developers and programmers from all around have flocked to using the Objective-C language in programming their own iOS apps. Similarly web designers have begun the transition into mobile apps with specs layed out entirely from Apple HQ. Below are 30 examples of great App Icons for the iOS platform. I highly recommend taking a peek to draw out your own creativity.

iOS Leaf Icon

iPad Stats App

Ballin’ Dribbble App Icon

Inkpad Icon

Wunderlist App

Clean iOS Book Icon

Piggy Bank App Icon

Developer Board

Tea App iOS Icon

Maps Icon

iOS Cloud

Rundotodo app icon


iOS Market Open

Honey Icon

App Cooker Final Icon

Typographic App Icon

iOS App Notebook

iPad Chalkboard

Paper Pad Location

Twitter Icon Concept

Letter Blocks

iOS Photos Icon

Money Stocks Rebound

iPhone ToDo Icon

Movie App

Shelves Icon

Music App

San Francisco Bridge

Liquid Page Icon

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