32 New Business Card Designs

In this post we have compiled some awesome business cards for inspiration. If you like these business cards you might also want to check out our previous posts below.

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letterpress wood and cotton paper business cards

Red pigeon studio business card design

Chez Mike

Letterpress Lemonade Business Cards

SoloPaquetes business card


Cassa Studio business cards

iPhone Business cards !

Typo Business Card

Letterpress Business Cards

Kinast Design

Personal Letterpress Business Cards

Tiko Trip


Design For Good Letterpress Business Cards

The Comeback

Mile Deep Films & Television — Identity

Letterpress Business Cards – Photography


Laura Moretz

Letterpress Calling Cards


Florent & Audrey

Emir Ayouni

Chris Gilmore



Goodprices business card

Letterpress Business Cards

Le Tank Letterpress Business Cards

Round Letterpress Business Cards

MuscleFire™ Biz Cards


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