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35 Beige Websites

In the today’s post we have 35 beige websites. Enjoy!!


  • Federica Sibella

    I love eighty two and I will suggest, thanks for sharing :)

  • Schop

    Are you serious? This list is not complete without a link to my blog :)

  • Christopher

    Nice examples! My favorite websites of this collection are “all-for-design”, “webstandardssherpa” and “eightytwodesign”.

  • Zia

    Simple nice & decent websites, Like it very much!!

  • Saifu

    Great websites…

  • Claire

    Thanks guys!
    Mine is kind of beige as well:

  • ben linford

    Pointlesscorp and Janploch are fine examples.
    I love what goes on in the background of Janploch.

  • Janell Osborn

    I’m impressed! Love the simpleness of some of the sites and the texture as well. great job!

  • Kevin

    Biege is the new “Not Biege”.

  • Catherine

    At the risk of sounding like an un-hip loser, what is a beige website?


    So really nice this collection. A good graphics..and the colour is perfect in all examples..Some site like and, I wait this post in the version by green, red, yellow…

  • Max

    Not forgetting the beautiful Bloom website ( and blog ( recently credited as one of the most beautiful sites ever hosted on Typepad. Enjoy.

  • Pamela

    Wow! I love nearly every one! So many with cool, retro style. Really, a nice selection.

  • steve

    less money is kinda green, but whatever, nice collection…

  • Thomas

    Very nice collection, littlelines was very nice.

  • Denis

    Mine ( is kind of beige and I plan to change it. What do you think?

  • duncan gatawa

    “loveforjapan” has done a great job pulling off the beige look.I guess its in the way the site is layed out to create the illussion of depth.

  • Nadine

    What at a great line-up. Unique, captivating and oh-so beige : )