38 Minimalist Layouts Utilizing Excellent Whitespace

The common use of whitespace in web design is an excellent indicator of minimalism. This isn’t to say that all websites using extra whitespace should follow a minimalistic design sense. But users often enjoy the freedom from clutter in your layout. And the difficulty for editing a layout to include whitespace is often very low.

This collection of 38 minimalist layouts is geared towards websites utilizing extra whitespace in a positive manner. There are definitely situations where you can overdo it by removing too much content, or appending wider margins than necessary. Ultimately the best look on your website will change depending on a number of factors. But check out this gallery below and see if you can brainstorm any useful ideas on whitespace design for your next project.

Chama Inc.

Chama Inc Business communication strategies


Finch startups blog website layout portfolio


cooking recpies artwork illustration layout portfolio

Omiga Pun

Omiga Pun portfolio design website layout

Jamie Gregory

classy whitespace minimalism design portfolio


Final Fantasy retro gaming network website layout whitespace


Windows email software desktop website layout Inky


square display block portfolio layout

ON Portfolio

Tudinh Duong United Kingdom portfolio website ON studio


pink website Huge Inc layout design inspiraiton

Corporate Risk Watch

business services website layout clean minimal

Spiegel Made

website portfolio interface colors illustrations

Digital Atelier

dark website whitespace layout design atelier


website signup form design interface layout

Mark Boulton Design

classy interface header design website whitespace

Kodlian Apps

OSX App Store website apps layout whitespace


portfolio layout minimalist website design inspiration

A Way Back

Amrinder Sandhu blog website layout interface

Awesome Fontstacks

minimal website interface whitespace design

Five Simple Steps

simple steps managing websites book layout

Concrete Matter

minimal website layout design interface portfolio whites

More Rare

minimal products display showcase website layout


whitespace design portfolio - Wright Brothers for the web

Lemon Creative

portfolio layout website minimalist lemon creatives


web design development social news links aggregator cmmntr Japanese


basic whitespace design website layout interface

Grain & Gram

minimal website design interface layout grains


GoCardless website interface design layout blues dark


whitespace white border header bicycle loving

David Molanphy

David Molanphy website portfolio design interface

Thirty Conversations on Design

web designer videos websites layout blog


clean minimal interface mapbox design website


dark agency website interface layout studio

Gum Design

Gum United Kingdom Studios Exhibition Museum designs


dark clean website user interface layout

dmvA Architecture

green background big photos whitespace web design layout

Frank Chimero

minimal whitespace portfolio Chimero Frank web designer


token minimalist website user interface design whitespace

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