40 Examples of HDR Photography at Night

Some photo concepts behave very strange under different lenses and filters. HDR uses high-definition and can really pull out effects from light sources. Photographers have learned that using HDR at nighttime can render even more interesting results.

I’ve put together a wonderful showcase of photographs using HDR camera effects. These are all taken during the evening when the sky is dark or even pitch-black. Most of the light effects stream in through houses and street lights. It creates an intense atmosphere and a very striking photographic posture.

Trier City


Quiet Street Lamps

Sloped Street

Peaceful Night

Yard Snow

Houses of Parliament

Breezy Summer Night

Sunset Strip West Hollywood

Open Field Stadium

Provo Temple

Alamo at Night

Darkened Streets

City Garden

Twin Boats

Rio Vegas Nights

Procter and Gamble HDR

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telus World of Science

Apartment HDR

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Cleveland WestBank

Wet Market at Night

Milla de Oro at night

Natural History

Tall NYC

Hoover Dam

Victoria State Library

Boston at Night

Betnava Castle

Seattle Washington

Leaning Tower of Pisa

York Beach at Night

San Francisco Nightfall


HDR X-Perience

Birmingham, Alabama

Bay Bridge, California

New Westminster

Al Este in Chile

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