40 Examples of Ultra Wide Angle Photography

by Jake Rocheleau

July 2, 2012 in Inspiration

Photographs are magical bits of moments frozen in time. I have always loved photography since it’s such a creative field of artistic talent. You can find photos centered around the urban jungle, interior design, animals, and many other categories.

But I also enjoy focused on the style of photography at hand. In this gallery we’re looking into some great UWA photographs taken with a wide-angle lens. This will often distort the background areas to solely focus on a centerpiece. This trend is widely used amongst photographers and there are millions of exemplary UWA photos taken from all around the world!

North of the Forest

UWA in New Mexico


Wide Angle Sunset

Side Castle

Tamron HDR/UWA

The Historic Canfield Casino

Boot at the Pier

Swamp Locks in Lowell, MA

Cold Winter Twilight

Flying Fish

River of Ice

Hastings Beach

San Francisco City Hall

Morro Strand State Beach

The Royal Palace in Bangkok

Honeymoon Water Villa

Sea Breeze Point

Santiago, Chile

The Dark Winter

Abandoned Space

Fisherman’s Wharf

Staircase Graffiti

UWA Chateau Noisy

Singapore Vending Machine

River Ijssel

Lake George

Pond at Warnsveld

Misty Sunrise

Saint Augustine Nightscape

Winter in United Kingdom

Backyard Garden in London

Stormy Weather

UWA Above Barcelona, Spain

San Joaquin Valley

Wide Angle Riverside

A Bright Future

Indian Creek – Utah

Night in Monterey, California

Big Beautiful Beach

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