45 Japanese Animation & Video Game Website Layouts

Comparing Japanese web design trends to the United States is a great difference. Icons and banners and Flash media is all too common, especially amongst video game websites and cartoons/TV shows. The Japanese culture is so different from the western world, yet we all share the same planet and the same Internet.

I want to showcase 45 Japanese animation & gaming website layouts for design inspiration. You may not consider using these techniques in your own layouts, but it is always good to know the market. Japan’s economy is within the top 5 worldwide and they spend a lot of money online. And you do not need to understand the Japanese language to appreciate beautiful website design. It is truly magnificent how designers may communicate across language barriers to share and understand more complex design trends.


otomate website japanese layout musics

Samurai and Dragons

samurai rpg video game website layout

D3 Publisher Inc.

d3 publisher inc company website layout

Bandai Namco

bandai namco website ui layout inspiring

Summon Night

japanese video game summon night website

Rune Factory Frontier

rune factory website layout inspiring

Dragon Quest X

dragonquest x website layout ui interface


japanese website layout dgame interface inspiring

Dragon Quest 3DS

dragon quest ds nintendo japanese website

Kingdom Hearts HD

playstation ps3 video game website squareenix kingdom hearts


demon gaze website japanese video game inspiring

Rune Factory 4

marvelous interactive video game japanese company

Accel World Channel

accel world channel website ui design

Luigi’s Mansion 3DS

luigi mansion 3ds nintendo website layout

Project Diva

ps vita japanese website layout project diva


gaming interface design ui branding okami

Atlelier Ayesha

atelier ayesha video game japanese website layout

Animal Crossing

nintendo 3ds website layout inspiring dobutsu no mori

Ragnarok Odyssey

ragnarok odyssey website layout ui design interface

One Piece Romance Dawn

one piece japanese dawn video game website

One Piece 2

anime video game website layout onepiece japanese

Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu 2012

sports baseball japanese website layout design

Lost in Blue 2

konami website lost in blue layout interface

Everybody’s Golf 6

everybodys golf video game japanese website

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

japanese harvest moon new beginning video game layout

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

harvest moon bokumono hero leaf valley website

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD

ffx ffx-2 hd remastered website japanese video game

SNK Playmore

video game playmore website inspiration japanese

Twine Brave

tales of twin brave website layout inspiring

Nameko Daihanshoku

nameko daihanshoku website japanese video game


totomono acquire website japanese video game publisher

Ragnarok Online

ragnarok online website japanese video game

Noora Atlus

noora atlus website japanese video game inspiring

Gloria Union

atlus gloria japanese website layout design videogame

Ocarina of Time 3D

legend of zelda ocarina of time remake nintendo 3ds japanese

Starfox 3D

japanese video game starfox website interface

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

mystery dungeon gates to infinity website japanese 3ds

Portal 2

portal2 website ui video game japanese interface

The Last Promise

jrpg japanese website layout last promise inspiration

PlayStation mk2

inspiration website design layouts playastation sony interface

Fairy Tail

fairy tale website japanese video game

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

yugioh nightmare troubadour website interface japanese

Monster Farm Channel

tecmo website japanese monster farm rancher


inspiration website layout gamepot japanese ui

Final Fantasy XIV

square enix final fantasy 14 realm reborn website layout

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