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50+ Fish Logos for Inspiration

Today we’ve collected 53 fish logos for inspiration.


fishing time

  • James

    I’m sorry, but Omega3 is just a pair of tits. lol

  • Zlatan Halilovic

    These are excellent, but my favorite fish logo is still CodeFish

  • alex tass
  • Broncha

    is omega3 really about fish? lolz

  • Eko

    I love TUNA, Fish Fresh, Seaport Sustainability v3 Symposium, fishing time and fishing logo design…very creative design.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  • goplb

    great collection….

  • oliver

    Wow cool logo article, thanks for serching and sharing :) I like Bigcolors logo and also Undersea Productions. Cool syles here.

    80+ Fresh Logo designs – get Inspired! –

  • Amelia Johnson

    The Nimoe sushi logo is clever but a bit sad too, Tuna is good though, I like the way the fish is looking at the text. Thanks for the inspiration.


    Really like Origamia, Lego Fish and Rainbow Fish.

  • Vectorbunker

    Nice Collection

  • luis
  • SJL Website Design

    Nice collection, very inspiring!! I Really like the ‘Nimoe Sushi Bar’ logo!!

    Thanks for sharing these!!

  • Luke

    Great collection, I love the app logo

  • Sean Farrell

    Thanks for featuring some of mine and glad people like nimoe :)

  • ivan-svistunov

    Oh, great logo. I want to share with you another fish logo
    it’s russian web-portal about fishing on Ural

  • vuitton

    Great detailed tutorial and very simple to follow. I like the use of the icons and colours for the final design.

  • HDR Textures

    Very cool logo work! Nice inspiration to get ideas stirring.

  • Daisuke

    All of you are r eally really sad and have no life and you really need to move out of your mums house!

  • MM

    This is my fish design on my page:

  • Finesh

    Can i use any one of the logo for my website.