55 Realistic 3d Models

3D modeling and design is one of the most interesting and realistic innovations of 21st century. 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of a 3D surface of the object using software. The model can also be physically created using 3D Printing devices.

The result is so realistic that at times that it can be easily confused with a photograph. In this post I have collected pictures of realistic 3D models. Enjoy!

1. Motor Cycle With Side Car Model

Photo-realistic 3d model of the legendary war motorcycle. The ancestor of this powerful heavy bike was released on the German BMW factory in 1938. The original model was called the BMW R71. This relentless hard worker went through the whole World War II as the main striking force of motorized infantry troops of military Germany.


2. Kid

I was looking for a character to do for my reel and so I started looking around on the Internet. Normally I have no idea what I want, so I just visit Flickr or other photo sites to find good images _by Rakesh.


3. The last Move

The Title For this model is The last Move .software’s used for making this model are  3ds max, Body Paint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush.


4. Muriel

That is a second image that I did using this character that I created some time ago and I like so much. Her name is Muriel. I worked a different light setup and brought her to a lighter environment.Hope you like_by Mauro.


5. The Mask


6. Do You Want Any Fries With That

Little did timothy know that he is actually the heir to the royal throne. Will he ever find out his true identiy… and approach the beautiful girl he’s been eyeing over at that table? just a story i made up in like 3 sec…
modeled in maya, rendered in mental ray_by Albynism.


7. Granny

Softwares used 3ds max,Zbrush and Photoshop.Title for this model is Granny.


8. Evil Witch

Strongly inspired by Disney’s "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". It’s the evil queen disguised as a witch. She wants to give you a poisoned apple.


9. Portrait of an Old man


10. 3d model of John Deere 764 High Speed Dozer

Quality 3d model of John Deere 764 High Speed Dozer.


11. Sad Women


12. Retro TV model

Old black and white portable CRT retro television receiver Comet 3d model. Certainly the modern television shouldn’t be viewed on it 🙂 , but it would be an ideal complement to the interior, that decorated in the spirit of retro. Elegant design will fit into the disco-bar and give it a unique eighties atmosphere.


13. Make up Box

The best makeup box which contains all of tools needed to make ugly girls like models, Models like beautiful girls.


14. We are not Alone

This is a work I did while testing Zbrush3. i tried to make another alien using some of the new features. i wanted to make it as real as i could.modeling and texture done in Zbrush3, Render in vray ,Post work in Photoshop_Damien.


15. Old Ship Anchor Lantern

3d model of an old ship’s lantern made of copper for wall mount. A light itself is a metal housing that looks like a big camping thermos, which has no bottom. It is made specifically to the metal bottom not absorb light energy emanating from the light bulb installed inside.


16. John Deere 300D Articulated Dump Truck

3d model of John Deere 300D Articulated Dump Truck.


17. Globe


18. Bravery

This is my latest work. Bruce Willis is my idol; I want to create his visualize, Bravery! doughty! justicial! heroically! but i lack of his picture, make it just only for expression.I used 3DSMAX9.0,ZBrush, PS , render with mental ray_By Rui Dai.


19. The Portrait-Luc Begin


20. Ship Bell

The 3d model of bronze vessel or ship bell. It is a very simple sound-producing instrument, which consists of dome, fastened by a lug to an L-shaped stand. The 3d model of the stand comes with the 3d model of the actual bell. Inside a dome there is a 3d model of metal beater, which in the real bell, used to hit the bell, making it vibrate the surrounding air.


21. 3D Interior Design


22. Black Chester 3D model

This is the corner Chesterfield sofa 3d model. And this is not the 3d model you can Clone Stamp in Photoshop to have more seats 🙂 This is final and great piece of Chesterfield 3d furniture by my production. It greatly accompanies the three previous ones – the classic armchair 3d model, the Chester 2-seater setee 3d model, and the usual chesterfield sofa 3d model.


23. Dynamic facial Color

Unbelievable realistic skin is now possible with this new technology on home spun game engines.


24. Retro Radio 3D Model

Photorealistic 3d model of the retro radio VEF 216 Vilnius. This is a truly historic wireless set. Current 3d model copies the rare, collectible transistor radio panel made in 1988, of the so-called second group of complexity. Real receiver operates seven radio-frequency bands: LW, MW, SW (4) and VHF-FM.


25. Girl On Chair

Girl on chair with an easy mind.Author for this post is Jian Xu, Softwares used for this model are 3ds max and Photoshop.


26. Allan Kardec

I decided to bring to conclusion this work of Allan Kardec began before the summer holidays. The subject was modeled using Zbrush, and rendered in 3dsmax … with Mentalray.


27. We were once Young

This is a personal artwork I completed over the course of a month. I simply wanted to create something emotional. This is an old man missing his deceased wife and thinking about the memorable years they were married when they were young_by James Xu.


28. The Photographer

The model was created in ZBrush and the lighting and rendering was done in 3dsMax with Vray.


29. Good bye

Goodbye, Michael. We’ll miss you.King of pop!You will live forever in my heart, As the days turn into months and the months into years, you will remain in my heart forever. love you ,Michael ….


30. A girl

Hi, This is my latest work on blender.Modeled and rendered on blender, and finished on Photoshop.


31. Changeling

Changeling – old work


32. Anger management

I was going through my old works then thought of making someone like those Wrestlers who fights crazily. It is modeled in 3ds max and detailed with zbrush. It is a bit exaggerated model to show the violence little bit in it. I used both zbrush and 3ds max to produce the final render_by Suresh kumar.


33. TV Stand 3D model

The free 3d model of a big wooden television stand. This stand is used for placing different electronics, for example, the receiver 3d model, the 3d model of DVD-player and just a place for keeping video materials. The stand is fully closed.


34. Yoda

Just another fan art.title for this model is yoda, software’s used are maya and Zbrush.


35. Charging Kudu

The Kudu model was an entry in the HCR MINI-Challenge #10: Animals in Motion contest. I finally decided to put it in an environment. I started the model in Cinema 4D. I sculpted and textured it in ZBrush. The hair and grass was created in Cinema as well, using the Hair Module.


36. Dasha

This is the final version of the rendering of a portrait girl named Dasha. The base model was created in 3ds Max, the detail was done in Mudbox, texturing in Photoshop, rendering and lighting in 3ds Max and Vray.


37. Imam

This work shows a 3d image for Imam khomaini,an old islamic leader.. Done by 3ds max as the main worksapace,zbrush for sculpting and detailng,rendered using 3ds max mentalray SSS skin shaders,and used photoshop for creating the textures and for post production..


38. Body Builder

Hi,This is my latest work I would like to share with you guys.he is a famous body builder,I fancy the feeling of his smile and muscles he representing. I create the image by one of his real photos. I made the basic model by 3Dsmax,and used Zbrush to make the most details.photoshop for texture,mental ray for rendering_by Jian Xu.


39. Chantecler

Chantecler is inspired from the play of Edmond Rostand well known today for his "Cyrano de Bergerac.The famous rooster is singing in the farm and thinks he makes the sun rise thanks his fabulous voice until a beautiful chicken comes and proves that it isn’t true.


40. Lord Voldemort

This is my last job, Lord Voldemort, the model is made entirely in XSI for details of the work in Zbrush skin.


41. Goblin


42. Portrait by U Ri So

This image’s model is one of the Korean 3d artist. I did it using zbrush and 3dsmax, rendered with mentalray.


43. Fatjons Performance

FATJON’s music is so fantastic! I love it so much and feel a lot of things in it, so I made a scene of his performance. The whole process is so cool!!


44. Jake Gyllenhaal

Softwares used 3ds max, Zbrush, vray, Photoshop.


45. Scarlett Johansson

This is my latest work and i chose Scarlett because she has a very pretty and cute face maybe in the future she would be my act partner but now she\’s my art partner…
done it using zbrush for sculpt ,render and photoshop for hair and compose_by Ahmad Ramadan.


46. Klaus-The German Gold Fish

All components compiled in Photoshop from separate source medias (including about 20 photos of goldfish).


47. Ingrid Bergma

A Tribute to Ingrid Bergman.Modeled in XSI, Zbrush. Rendered in Maya using mental ray, and the hair is using Shave & Haircut


48. Russell Crowe

Modeled in 3ds max, rendered with mental ray, texture done in photoshop.


49. Balkan Retiree

Balkan Retiree is a almost forgotten man, has been working his all life so he could enjoy comfort of his old age but that didn’t happened.He survived two wars, now he is trying to survive the peace.


50. Roadie 3d Character


51. Biker

A biker character which was a test bed for some techniques I wanted to try out.Real-time renders from inside 3DS MAX using a mix of Laurens Corijn\’s Direct X shader and a proprietary anisotropic shader for the hair.The polycount comes in around 15,000 for the character with full hair and weapon.


52. Young Chimp


53. Old Man by ji hee lee

The base mesh was done in Maya and the details are sculpted in Zbrush. I used Maya HairSystem and fur for the hairs. The shading, lighting and fur was finally rendered on Mental Ray.


54. Ji Gong

his man is a dignitary of Buddhist.he loved wine and meat,meanwhile,he was wisdom and really kind people used to helping poor people.His classic word was:wine and meat just pass through my body,but buddha has been always in my mind. he died in 1209,almost 800 years before.There were many novel about him in China_by Jian Xu.


55. Pirates Come

This is my last creation, base on a famous actor, i use the maya to model, and use zbrush to make the highrez model, rendering it in lightwave , and use the sasquatch to make hair, use photoshop to make texture and correct the color of final render_by ZhiHeng Tang.


I hope you enjoy this beautiful gallery of realistic 3D models. If you have this kind of pictures and if you want to share with us then please share a link with us via comments.

Cale White is a staff writer for the DesignMag Network.

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