Best 15 Pro Tools and Platforms for Designing Awesome Websites

It used to be impossible to create a decent-looking website for one of your clients without coding. Thankfully, times have changed. Now, designers can take matters into their own hands, and a large number of platforms stand by to make great things happen. Check out 15 of the most accomplished site creators at this time.

IM Creator


IM Creator will make you an offer that you just can’t refuse. As long as you keep using the online design studio free of charge, you will be able to take up 50 Mb of storage to create a website that is published as an IM Creator sub-domain. But the other two plans, Premium and Pro, are very convenient by today’s standards. Take Premium, for instance. Given a maximum discount of 40%, users can publish their websites on a new/existing domain, get unlimited storage and bandwidth, and take an email account to customize – all for the small price of $5.95-a-month.

There’s more to this website builder than you might think. Not only was it the first to ever use HTML 5, but it seems to have developed a knack for ingenuity. Right now, Japanese and Australian users can try IM Self, a brilliant mobile application that combines website building and social networking. The project is still in experimental stage, but because it grants so much freedom of expression, we expect it to go viral soon. With it, your social profile could a be a stand-alone website that curates anything your heart desires, and allows developers to further hack any of its features.




Another prominent player in the website design industry is Webydo. A professional cloud-based software, Webydo is perfect for the savvy web and graphic designer to create, manage, and publish their clients’ websites code-free. The Design Management System is packed with the most up-to-date and advanced design features. You will feel comfortable getting started immediately, since it resembles Photoshop.

If you need some creative stimulation to launch your design, check out the readymade inspirations created through this leading design platform, and you’ll be creating almost immediately. Webydo also provides you with an all-in-one CMS, allowing you to set site permissions and create user logins for clients, so they can update their websites without tampering with your website design. Moreover, you can use the Dashboard to bill them for your services, and both the Dashboard and the invoices can be customized to portray the logo of your own brand.


X WordPress Theme


In a time when the website design industry seems to be filled with many similar offerings, X stands out for being…well…different (but in a good way). As we all know by know, WordPress themes are not difficult to come by. However, we believe that the functionality and features built into X are quite literally game changing.

While X includes many of the standard premium features expected from any modern theme (fully responsive, great short codes, etc.), it’s the little details that make X one of the most compelling themes on the market, today. For example, you can quickly and easily change the entire look of your site thanks to their Stacks. There are currently 3 Stacks built into X, and, in essence, they are like entire themes built within the one X super-theme. If you are a WordPress user, this is one theme you absolutely have to check out.


Startup Design Framework


Meet Startup Design Framework, a Bootstrap-based platform for creating fantastic startup websites that will impress your clients. It takes very little effort from your part to reach glorious results, because all you’d have to do is choose which site components to use, and then assemble them together. It’s easy as one-two-three.

You may also like to browse through 25 samples, and mark any of their components to use in your own project. The demo version gives you a taste of the full experience by granting access to eleven components, two Bootstrap themes, and two images for Macbook/iPhone/iPad – with all the attached documentation. Startup Design Framework also has a landing page generator, which makes it super easy to drag-and-drop your blocks and then get the design translated into code.


DIY themes


Thesis is a great WordPress theme released by the team from DIY themes. Presently, version 2.1 comes with three advantages that not every platform can boast of. First off, your websites won’t be strangers on popular search engines like Google or Bing, quite the contrary: you can get them to rank high very easily.

In the process of making your website, you can go one of two ways: choose a skin right from the start, or move boxes around. For the first option, you can choose your favorite out of three available skins and edit it as you see fit. Alternatively, you need only drag-and-drop every single element into the grand design and you’re all set. Besides, it’s child’s play to add social network buttons and AWeber or MailChimp forms.




Ever since the beginning of this spring, Moonfruit initiated a 10% discount, which is available for all of its packages. And we know for a fact that the normal prices associated with this builder’s plans are accessible: if you own a small business, you could go forward with $10.80, but if you need more resources, take up the largest plan for $31.50. Moonfruit also has an appealing collection of templates, backgrounds and images that you can use.




Less is more, right? Onepager functions on this principle and gives you the opportunity to create fresh-looking websites that never come across as stuffy. Truth be told, most of today’s web surfing occurs on mobile phones and tablets, because people are always on the move. And it’s much easier to scroll down than to check out each individual category page of a website. So, one-page sites are in high demand, especially with small businesses.



Webzai is a useful site building platform, not to mention that it can be employed for free. The steps of working with Webzai are to select a template and then modify it according to your vision, OR simply start with a blank screen and do everything by yourself. When you’re finished, click ‘publish’, and your site will be taken over by the company’s popular cloud hosting. Your website will look perfect and work great on any device or browser.


Light CMS


Are you a reseller? Then you’ll love Light CMS and the huge discount directed at you. With 80% off the standard price, reseller designers pay just $19 for unlimited storage, pages and number of products on the shelves of a possible online store. What’s more, users are automatically privy to every Light CMS feature, and may take advantage of the free top-tier hosting. Go ahead and give it a shot, you know you want to.


Elegant Themes


Every time you set out to create WordPress websites, spare a thought for Elegant Themes. No less than 88 splendid themes have been engineered here, but the most recent, Divi, received plenty of positive feedback. Its success was ensured by the Page Builder that allows users to manually set up horizontal sections, horizontal rows, and then specific modules. Or, they could work on a template and so save some time and energy in the long run.




If you want to woo your photographer clients, try Pixpa’s 15-day trial for good measure. I bet you won’t feel disappointed. Pixpa is the ideal environment for photography portfolios, and it doesn’t just showcase your client’s works, but they can also be put on sale and acquired via Fotomoto. On top of all this, private galleries can also be created, and your client’s client is free to offer feedback on each of the photos.


Two Way Resume


Two Way Resume is twice as awesome as any portfolio or resume site builder out there. Basically, it gives you a fast way to create magnificent professional profiles for your clients online. Feel free to pick any of the 5 templates, and customize it to express the full potential of your clients. Embed Vimeo and Youtube videos if you have to, and when everything is in its rightful place, publish it. Your client will soon draw the attention of many employers.




SnapPages is also worth considering if you’re planning to design more and more websites for your clients in 2014. It has a fantastic HTML 5 editor, which feels very comfortable to work with. You can drag-and-drop every single component and make up your design, and then publish the website without worrying about hosting – SnapPages provides robust cloud hosting to all websites. If you’re creating a blog, know that the spam filter scans every comment before it’s posted.




Whether you set out to create a business website, an online portfolio, a personal blog, or an e-Commerce online store, Wix gives you two paths to achieve your purpose. Either unleash your creativity on a blank canvas, or single out a template and ornate it with images, clipart, and icons from the vaults. Depending on how much time and energy you want to invest, the choice is yours. Your websites can be made to have restricted areas, which can be accessed only by some.


Site Sumo


Site Sumo wraps up our extended selection of 15 glorious website building platforms for designers in 2014. Why not sign up for the 14-day free trial to see what it’s all about? The point-and-click editor is just great! Use it to sculpt a ready-made template into the perfect website for your customer. Much like Wix, Site Sumo also allows for separate, locked pages that open as soon as users have paid a certain tax.

Glance below for a few samples of exquisite websites that were brought to life with some of these platforms, and imagine what your own sites should look like.


IM Creator

1 - IM Creator 1

2 - IM Creator 2



4 - Webydo 2 3 - Webydo 1


Theme X

5 - Theme X 1 6 - Theme X 2



Startup Design Framework

7 - Startup Design Framework


DIY Themes

8 - DIY Themes


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