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Blog Design Showcase: 25 Outstanding Blog Designs

If you’re working on a blog design for yourself or for a client it can be helpful to observe well-designed blogs to get some inspiration. In this post we’ll feature 25 beautifully-designed blogs. The showcase includes blogs of all different styles.

Soh Tanaka

Soh Tanaka

  • Vector Graphics Design

    Thanks for the share next time my blog also is in the list, i’m working on it and trying to make an ideal design for everyone

  • inspirationfeed

    Serious eats looks really good. It maker you want to click the top navigation. A very great feature any website should have.

  • Rachel

    Nice collection,Will take some inspiration for the collection. Thanks for Sharing…

  • Anna Green

    There are some nice blogs in this list, I like the Converse Blog, The use of four columns works very well.

  • Aaron Irizarry

    Nice round up… thanks for the include :)

  • Design Informer

    Very nice list of blogs. I can’t believe I was included. Thanks a lot! This really made my day.

  • WpEvovled

    I love this showcase! Design Informer is one of my favorite blog designs of all time. The “ruler” separating the content from the sidebar is an awesome detail.

  • chris rhee

    Thanks for including Cut&Taste! My friend will be glad to know her wine corks display is forever immortalized in the screenshot.

  • Xcellence IT

    nice collection…. thanks for sharing inspiring designs…

  • Web Design Soul

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing!

  • Martin Hathaway

    A well curated list of beautifully designed blogs. Did you leave out Jason Santa Maria’s blog because it is the individual articles, rather than the whole blog, which are beautifully designed?

  • Grün Weiss

    the designs are very great, more please to inspiration, sweet styles

  • Sawyer

    Thanks for including Shaken & Stirred Web, I appreciate it.

  • Dan

    Where’s mine up there!? Haha, great post! :)

  • Beau

    Nice list! Looks like all of them are using WordPress, no?

  • Greg Babula

    These are great, especially the Chili blog

  • Discount Printing

    I love decor8! It’s just so peaceful and refreshing! I can stay on that site “for hours” just staring and relishing its design!!!

  • SJL Web Design

    Wow, so many great and inspiring blog designs!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Victoria Blount

    The blog designs above all work really well and are clearly aimed at different audiences and this is reflected in the style and layout, although they have all adapted a grid layout with several columns to help prioritise the content on the site.

  • Stephanie

    These are all very beautiful and exquisite blogs! My favorites are the decor8 and David Sutoyo’s blog. Someday when I have the funds, I’ll be able to build my very own blog with everything on top like plug-ins and my own domain.

  • Wwzapper

    Most are gorgeous. They are making me jealous. And most are, designwise, not too stereotypical ‘Web 2.0’. Thank God, because that’s a style I don’t really like.

    A site which is really beautiful, in my opinion, although it isn’t a blog: (and no, it’s NOT my own site, but to be honest: it’s a big inspiration for me).

  • luis

    Chilli blog is great ! Thank you for sharing with us, but there are more out there!

  • Crystal Limousine

    Thanks for sharing this information, its quite helpful.

  • baju murah

    Hey that you a great deal to the write-up, it was fairly and useful go through! I am going to be again later on for positive.