Creative & Beautiful Designs with Typography

by Matthew Heidenreich

January 26, 2011 in Inspiration

Designers keep finding new and unique ways of presenting their image to the world using typography.  In this post we will be sharing with you 15 creative and beautify pieces of typographic design.

Color Posters


Fox Retro Birthday ID

Funk Upon a Time

Jazz 2010

HBO “Unexpected”

HYPE Artbook

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

2nd Gen

Odeyssea 2010


Type & Logo Work 2010

YLLV / Self Promotion

Yogurt Typography

Yummy Colors

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About Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Lauren

    Jan 27th

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  • paige

    Jan 27th

    Beautiful designs using text! Thanks for sharing!

  • ginanjar

    Jan 27th

    Wow… good idea…
    Thank you for the inspiration…

  • Amelia Johnson

    Jan 28th

    Really great examples of typography, I love the way they are all really colourful. The yogurt and the color one at the beginning are my favourites.

  • Fredrik

    Jan 28th

    the Color Posters are amazing! Love it!! want more;)

  • Toronto Website Design

    Jan 29th

    Wow! Great collection.Thanks for sharing……

  • daniel

    Jan 29th

    there some tutorial?

  • Akhtar

    Jan 29th

    Yogurt Typography really inspire me more. thanks!

  • Brandon Cox

    Jan 30th

    That there be some awesome graffiti! I’ve seen similar work on the sides of buildings and overpasses in Los Angeles. And I actually mean that seriously. There’s some real talent out there – just wish it were better rewarded.

  • Web Design Nottingham

    Jan 31st

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Web Design Hull

    Feb 7th

    Nice collection, I really like to Jazz 2010 flyer… thanks for sharing.

  • du lich

    Apr 5th

    nice photo I like basketball!

  • JimVerc

    May 9th


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