Design Inspiration Toolbox: 100 Sources of Design Inspiration

by Steven Snell

December 12, 2013 in Inspiration

Web and graphic designers are always looking for excellent sources of inspiration. Of course, web design and CSS galleries are common sources, but there are countless websites that provide inspiration from other types of design. In this post you’ll find categories such as product design, architecture, fashion, illustration, logo design, typography, motion graphics, and more.

With a list of this size I’m sure you’ll find some new sources of inspiration that you weren’t previously familiar with. Of course, no one can keep up with all of these choices, so find the ones that work best for you and keep the others bookmarked for the future.

Web Design Galleries:

Most readers of this blog are well aware of design and CSS galleries,so rather than listing 100 of them, I’ll point out a few of my favorites and some that I think are unique in one way or another.

Pattern Tap

An awesome source of inspiration that categorizes the featured sites by the type of inspiration, such as comment design, 404 pages, e-commerce websites, login forms, and much more. The categorization makes the site unique and immensely useful.

design inspiration

Best Web Gallery

Quality over quantity. Nick La’s Gallery is the highest quality, in my opinion. New sites are featured regularly, although there are not as many sites posted as compared to many other galleries.

design inspiration

CSS Mania

Quantity over quality. CSS Mania features several new sites each day, although some of the sites featured are not as high quality as others. It’s a great place to go if you want to find lots of sites to look at.

design inspiration

We Love WP

We Love WP is a showcase of websites and blogs powered by WordPress.

design inspiration

Design Snips

Showcasing snippets of great design, Design Snips is similar to Pattern Tap with it’s categorization. Some of the categories include banners, buttons, backgrounds, etc.

design inspiration gallery snips


Inspiration from flash-based sites. A new site is posted each day.

design inspiration

Most Inspired

If you’re looking to save some time browsing various galleries, Most Inspired is an aggregator that showcases the sites featured in many different galleries.

design inspiration


A web design gallery with a different feel.

design inspiration

Image/Photo Sharing and Bookmarking:

Sharing and bookmarking images is a great way to keep track of your favorite inspirational sources, and you can also browse through the items uploaded or bookmarked by other users.


An invitation-only image bookmarking service. The images bookmarked by users are showcased for the inspiration of the rest of us.

design inspiration

We Heart It

design inspiration


design inspiration

design inspiration


design inspiration

Design You Trust

Design Your Trust is not exactly like the other sites featured in this section, but it’s a site/blog where users can register and share images.

design inspiration


design inspiration

Excellent Flickr groups for inspiration:

Graphic Design Showcases:

The sites listed in this category are all a little bit different from one another, but each one provides inspirational pieces of graphic design in various forms.


design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


Graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism.

design inspiration

Blood Sweat Vector

Featuring vector art from a variety of different designers.

design inspiration

Design in Europe

design inspiration


There are a number of different websites where you can post your own design portfolio to be shared with other users. Of course, all of these portfolios also serve as excellent sources of design inspiration.

Behance Network

design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration

Creative Hotlist

design inspiration

CG Society

design inspiration


design inspiration


design inspiration


Galleries at

The galleries at showcase award winning designs.

design inspiration

PDF Mags

A huge collection of free PDF magazines.

design inspiration

LayerVault News

design inspiration

Advertising Inspiration:

Ads can often be an excellent source of inspiration. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much in this area, so if you know of other sites please share in the comments.

Ads of the World

design inspiration


Typography is an important part of many different kinds of design. These sites showcase exceptional examples of typography that can inspire you in your own work.

Typography Served

From the Behance Network.


A niche web design gallery that focuses on sites with outstanding typography.

design inspiration

Product Design:

Product design from around the world can be both inspirational and amusing. Product design can be one of the most creative fields of design.

The Dieline

One of the best sources of product design inspiration with frequent posts.

design inspiration



design inspiration

Also from the NOTEMPIRE.

design inspiration


Design in drinks.

design inspiration

Design Sponge

Home and product design.

design inspiration

We Heart Stuff

The latest products and trends.

design inspiration

Off the Shelf

A small gallery of Japanese product design.

design inspiration

Motion Graphics:

Warning: You may find yourself spending a lot of time watching these.

Motion Graphics Served

From the Behance Network.

design inspiration


design inspiration

Logo Design:

Logo designers have a number of sites specifically dedicated to logo design inspiration.


design inspiration

Logo of the Day

design inspiration

Logo Faves

design inspiration


design inspiration

Brand New

design inspiration


design inspiration


Illustration is a favorite of many designers and artists. These five sites specialize in showcasing excellent works of illustration.

Illustration Served

design inspiration


design inspiration

Illustration Web

design inspiration


design inspiration

Everyday Love

design inspiration

Multi-Purpose Galleries:

The sites listed in this category are galleries that showcase more than just one type of design.


design inspiration

The Design Inspiration

design inspiration


design inspiration

Posters and Album Covers:

The music and movie industry provide plenty of design inspiration in terms of posters and album covers.

Gig Posters

The best site for finding gig posters from bands of all kinds.

design inspiration


A gallery of album covers.

design inspiration

Movie Post Addict

Movie posters of all kinds.

design inspiration

IMP Awards

Regular postings of movie posters.

design inspiration

Book Design:

Books design gets less attention than many other types of design, but can be equally inspirational.

The Book Design Review

A blog focusing on book design.

design inspiration


“Judging books by their covers.”

design inspiration

Architecture and Interior/Home Design:

There are a number of sites that provide great inspiration from architecture and interior design. These are the best that I found, although I can’t claim to be very familiar with any of them.


design inspiration

Desire to Inspire

design inspiration


design inspiration


interior home design photos gallery


design inspiration

Arch Daily

design inspiration

MoCo Loco

design inspiration

Design Happens

design inspiration

Elements of Style

design inspiration

From Europe

design inspiration


There are probably many other excellent websites for fashion design inspiration, it’s just not an area of design that I’m very familiar with.

Fashion Served

From the Behance Network.

design inspiration


Fashion and a lot more.

design inspiration



design inspiration

Industrial Design:

If you’re looking for design inspiration but tired of browsing through web design galleries, industrial design can be another excellent source.

Industrial Design Served

From the Behance Network.

Yanko Design

Tons and tons of inspiration in the archives of this Technorati Top 100 blog.

design inspiration


The sites listed in this section display different types of artwork and/or photography.

Click for Art

Click for Art is an art marketplace. You don’t have to buy anything to be inspired by the work that’s available here.

design inspiration


Different chapters are posted every few months that feature work from various artists.

design inspiration

Photography Served

From the Behance Network.

design inspiration

Gods of Art

design inspiration


design inspiration


These sites are difficult to categorize, in most cases because they provide inspiration that could fit into multiple categories.

Design Milk

Art, architecture, furniture, technology, and more.

design inspiration

Net Diver

Illustration, photography, industrial design, and more.

design inspiration


Art, animation, illustration, advertising, architecture, and more.

design inspiration


Photography, graphic art, illustration, print design, and more.

design inspiration


Black and white design of all kinds.

design inspiration


Architecture, art, fashion, and more.

design inspiration

Design is Kinky

Photography, graphic design, and more.

design inspiration


A wide variety of all things creative.

design inspiration


Photography, graphic design, technology, and more.

design inspiration

A Cup of Jo

Art, photography, and fashion.

design inspiration

Cool Hunting

Art, design, culture, and technology.

design inspiration


Design and technology.

design inspiration

What are your favorite sources of design inspiration?

I know everyone has their own favorites, see feel free to list yours in the comments.

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  • Steve Robillard

    Jan 13th

    I collect screenshots of inspirational web designs in my flickr account I will often direct clients to it to get a feel for mood and styles that resonate with them, and the message they convey.

  • Sabine

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    Wow, this list is just great! You can completely forget the time when you start to browse. Thank you for sharing!

    I just launched a blog at
    Patterrific provides free seamless repeat patterns in both vector and pixel format to designers around the world. As it’s new it’s still small but I try to post new patterns and resources each day. Just have a look, maybe you find something interesting for you.

  • Travis

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    Fantastic list! For the advertising category, I’d add The Ad Feed =, and not just because it’s my site :)

  • Soh

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    Holy cow this is an amazing list!!!

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  • Steven Snell

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    Thanks for the additional advertising resource.

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    I love this list. It will be a great resource for me for a long time. Thank you.

  • Mya

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    Great list! Another great website for design/fashion inspiration is

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  • Steven Snell

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    No need to be sorry. I know not everyone will like anything that’s published regardless of what it is. Many of the items do have descriptions and they are all categorized, so it should be pretty self-explanatory what they are. They’re not services.

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