Examples of Purple in Web Design

by Matthew Heidenreich

April 27, 2011 in Inspiration

When you think of most websites, purple is the color you may think of the least.  Some designers have embraced this and made their sites stand out from the rest.  In this post I will share with you 17 websites that make use of the color purple.



Mobile Roadie



SXSW SquareSpace

Code My Concept

Tobias Persson




One Mighty Roar

The Silver Empire

I am James Cox

Olive Crush

Shout Digital

Toffeenut Design Portfolio

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About Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Catherine Azzarello

    Apr 27th

    Here’s another one. Purple is client’s signature color. Fun to work with!

  • Andrew

    Apr 27th

    Purple is beautiful too! :)

  • Robert Schmidt

    Apr 27th

    This is a really interesting and beautiful spread of purple websites. In my opinion the colour can fuse together the aspects of style and creativty remarkably well without compromising on the professional look and “feel” of a website.

    Although of course the mark of a truly quality graphic designer should be able to achieve this balance with whatever colour you opt for!


  • Wes Bos

    Apr 27th

    Huge Purple Fan! I’ve done two of my own sites in purple:

    http://wesbos.com and http://DealPage.me

  • Lex Koff

    Apr 27th

    Thank you for a sweet collection. I love purple color!

  • Katherine Estacio

    Apr 27th

    Purple can be seen at this telecom volunteer association’s site! http://www.wwlf.org

  • Greg Johnson

    Apr 27th

    http://greg-j.com/ and http://wp.choicethemes.com/wp-coda/ are two that I’ve done.


  • Abhimanyu

    Apr 28th

    I like the simplicity of this site by Tim Smith too.


    Oh, and nice collection by the way!

  • Raju

    Apr 28th

    Nice collection of websites… keep it up the good work…

  • Samantha Prinsloo

    Apr 28th

    Not to sound cliche or anything, but these make me want to go out and create a purple website!! haha.. Like you say, purple is one of those colors that people shy away from – possibly because it’s associated with frustration (or so i’ve heard)..
    Anyway, these designs are marvelous! Thank you for sharing!

  • Debbie

    Apr 28th

    I like the colors used in Tobias Perssons website!

  • reezluv

    Apr 28th

    great collections there..purple is one of my favourite colour as well..:D

  • Custom Design

    Apr 29th

    Simply awesome collections! I just love the design used for ‘The Silver Empire’.

  • Junko W

    Apr 29th

    Purple, violet the coloure all giving mysterious mood.
    Therefore people are attracted.

  • web design company kolkata

    Apr 30th

    Mind blowing color friend..previously many thought pastel colored shade as the best for the their best. But it is the time to switch, BLACK, CHERRY RED are all on, but nothing is as good as our “PURPLE”..CremaLab is simply GREAT..and I liked the site of Wes Bos – http://wesbos.com/, but the second one is a bit clumsy (no hard feelings please)!!

    Thanks friend for the wonderful collection :)

  • Holiday in Kerala

    Apr 30th

    Great Examples . Wondering now whether we should also use Purple as a part of our website design

  • Soccer Jerseys

    Apr 30th

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Graces Ignacio

    May 3rd

    Here’s one purple color schemed website I know:

  • Kelman Design

    May 15th

    Here’s one I designed also, http://www.inletwellnessgallery.com

  • Sara

    Aug 2nd

    I found this one – http://www.wildpurpledesign.co.uk

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