Gorgeous Packaging Designs and Concepts

by Callum Chapman

September 10, 2010 in Inspiration

Packaging design is all around us. On a day-to-day basis we probably see hundreds of different packaging designs, a high percentage of them being food or drink products; especially when making breakfast, lunch and dinner. Walking through the grocery store we’ll see thousands of different packaging designs, some good, some bad and some just generally average. If you want your product to stand out from the norm, you need to create something special.

This post features a handful of beautiful packaging designs, from music EP’s to snack food products and alcohol bottles to disposable “take out” coffee cups. Let us know what your favorites are, and why!

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Brittany Bosco – Spectrum EP

This EP album is truly fantastic, combining several packaging options into one to produce an interesting design that is not only great to look at, but also gives a great opening experience.

Keen Fruit

Keen Fruit use some gorgeous minimalistic plastic bottles with super sleek typographic labels. The image of the fruit itself is actually printed on the other side of the bottle and therefore causes it to magnify when looking through the liquid at the front of the bottle – an interesting and fun approach.


These Dorito packages really take on the shape of Doritos – literally! The boxes are formed from triangles, and once opened can be easily closed and folded over at the top to keep those lovely cheesy snacks fresh!

Coffee Nova

The Coffee Nova packaging takes on a similar concept to the Doritos packaging, a box formed from triangles (although this time a very different form of triangle). The box separates into two to reveal your coffee, and takes on a lovely sleek look that is bound to attract attention on the shelves among hundreds of other brands of coffee.

Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka has some really interesting minimalistic and sleek bottle designs that use a very limited color palette consisting of just black and white, nothing more. The bottles are available in several sizes, including a large, medium and small bottle. All of the bottles come in a sleek box, with the large bottle being sold with a stand and tap. Overall a very sleek, modern and attractive brand.


CoffeeTime have taken a completely different approach to their disposable coffee cups and takeout bags, filling the normally fairly blank cup with some gorgeous patterns and illustrations. The takeout bag takes a similar approach.

Antismoke Pack

These coffin cigarette packages not only look great but are a superb way to try to make people quit smoking, with the coffin reminding them the smoking does cause cancer and often leads to death.

Beer Crate

This beer crate packaging design is not only completely recyclable but more than reusable, with a removable base that can be filled with water and than frozen, ideal to keep your beers cold when throwing that awesome party or travelling to someone elses!

Brooklyn Fare

These great designs use large and bold typography to attract new customers to the Brooklyn Fare. The bags are completely recyclable, and come in several different sizes. The cups are also available in different sizes, and cleverly use large typography to inform the user which size the cup is.


These incredible mens fragrance bottles are based on famous writers and sport the trendy minimalistic style and limited color palette, consisting once again of just black and white; white bottles with strong black typography. The bottle lids are sculptured to loosely resemble characters invented by the writers.


The idea behind this piece of packaging design it that we make use of modern technology to cut the name of a product into the product itself instead of using additional packaging techniques such as printing, which are harmful to the environment. This concept if put into practice will provide endless possibilities with new packaging design ideas.

Sticky Licks Surf Wax

If there’s one thing everybody loves about packaging it is packaging that includes quirky and fun character illustration. These Sticky Licks Surf Wax boxes are made to look like an odd character that when opened is sticking his tongue out. To close the box the tongue cleverly fastens into the characters arms.

Colorless Coca-Cola Can

This Coca-Cola can concept is very similar to the current cans design, but uses absolutely no printing methods or ink. All of the cans typography is embossed or embedded. This not only looks great, but also reduces the cost for the brand, and is much more environmentally friendly in both the producing and recycling process.

ITOEN Loose Leaf Tea

ITOEN New York have a selection of different teas each of which are numbered differently. The tins use the same layout and typography but are each using a different color scheme made up of around six different colors.

Lovejoy Vodka

Lovejoy Vodka use an elegant and cute shaped bottle in combination with some vintage-style labels. There are five different labels in total, each of which use a different pattern in the background to appeal to different people.

Pantone Home Paint

These Pantone paint tins take on the traditional Pantone color layout and just generally look gorgeous!

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  • Bret Juliano

    Sep 10th

    Awesome collection. These are all great packaging designs. I’d love to the coca cola concept get made.

  • Mary

    Sep 10th

    Love it. I’m especially diggin’ the Pantone paint tins.

  • Miodrag Ristic

    Sep 10th

    Doritos is beautiful! I have always overjoyed when someone comes out of the box.

  • Pulkit Agrawal

    Sep 11th

    simply bloody brilliant!!!

  • Beric

    Sep 11th

    Absolutly nice box design! Love it!!

  • Logo Design

    Sep 11th

    Packaging can make a huge difference, will be interesting to see if that changes as people become more environmnetally conscious or if they will still gravitate to the pretty packaging.

  • A Different Designer

    Sep 11th

    Great Posts Here!

  • Florian Schommertz

    Sep 11th

    The Coffins make me wanna start smoking. Instanly! They’re so cool.

  • ranjeet singh

    Sep 11th

    great collection of packaging jobs…..

  • MiZ

    Sep 12th

    love it..thanks

  • Eko

    Sep 12th

    Thanks for the packaging designs inspiration, nice collection

  • njmehta

    Sep 13th

    Gorgeous packaging designs and concepts

  • Magento Development

    Sep 13th

    This is a really great collection. I love the Brooklyn Fare concept.

  • macfue

    Sep 13th

    Really cool things..i like it

  • Martin

    Sep 13th

    Very inspirational, but some of them are not that ecological ! In the future, I think designer will need to think «green» in their packaging design …

  • HotDesignForUs

    Sep 14th


  • Streamlight

    Sep 14th

    Very cool most of these… very inspiring. Great post!

  • Logo

    Sep 14th

    effen vodka looks like a brand perfum .Great Job I think. Regards

  • Web Designers

    Sep 14th

    Love the Coca-Cola one… very sleek

  • Art Director Uk

    Sep 15th

    Pantone home paint! Genius!

  • Keisha

    Sep 16th

    PMS 571 on my living room wall? Yes PLEASE!! Love it Pantone!

  • asbestos attorneys

    Sep 17th

    I love the designs, very classy

  • Ian

    Sep 26th

    Love the colourless Coke can. Looks way more classy than the red!

  • packaging equipment

    Oct 1st

    These are some great packaging designs. It’s interesting to see that it’s often the alcohol companies that feel a need to get creative with their packaging. When the product is basically the same, their packaging really needs to stand out in order to get noticed.

  • Boyd Wiebe

    Oct 2nd

    Great article! I love some of those coffee packages. Unfortunately when I showed my son (whom, to my chagrin, has taken up smoking) the cigarette coffin looked “super cool” and he wants me to get him one. No deterrent there I’m afraid!

  • rutwa

    Oct 2nd

    the choco disign is jst fab….love it…vry inspiring

  • Packaging Design Consultants

    Oct 5th

    Thanks for providing descriptions under each product. Most websites just put images without giving a thought to why the product has such a packaging. Your post gives us the extra insight.
    Just like a good packaging design, your site is the one that sells :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Oct 6th

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  • David

    Oct 6th

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  • sample business plan

    Oct 14th

    If those stuff are packed that way, i wonder how much they cost,. i think i will quit smoking when that time comes, its very expensive for sure.

  • Bohyme Hair

    Oct 19th

    LoL! You’re right, just look at those designs, they are coffins

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