The Incredible Design Talent of Mike from Creative Mints

The Creative Mints brand is well-known among designers who frequent Dribbble. This designer goes simply by Mike with no additional surname to be found anywhere in Google.

Regardless of what you call him, Mike is good. He’s damn good. Every project in his Dribbble portfolio brims with an aura of creativity and ingenuity. Not to mention that his photography skills are simply out of this world.

creative mints spa

Mike is known for creating both websites and game UI design. He can also do some incredible hand-drawn illustration for logos and icons.

I’m hoping to draw attention to Mike’s work and share his stuff with young designers who may not know about Mike’s capabilities. I’ve found his content incredibly inspirational, specifically his technique at executing almost any type of texture or design style.

Anyone who wants to dramatically improve their skills might check out Mike’s work and try to re-create a few of his posts.

Throughout this process you’ll surely learn a whole lot of technical skills and build an appreciation for the talents of this incredible designer from Prague.

iOS game design process

Jake is a researcher and writer on many design & digital art websites. He frequently writes on topics including UX design, content marketing, and project management. You can find more work on his portfolio and follow his latest tweets @jakerocheleau.
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