30 Mobile App Landing Page Templates

With the growing popularity in all things app related, you will want a destination for potential users to preview what your latest creation can do.  A simple landing page displaying the main features of your application is just what you need to lure prospective users into downloading your app. In todays post I’ll share with you 30 mobile app landing pages that can help highlight your new product offering.

1. App Shopper – Responsive App and Software


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35 Virtual Business Card / Resume Website Themes

Virtual Business Cards, also referred to as vCards, generally provide the user with the information you might find on a potential clients business card, resume, or cover letter.  They also can provide examples of any previous work they may have completed. While these could still be considered portfolio websites, there is usually a subtle distinction between the two. On vCards, layouts generally outline information by a similar set of rules as a printed resume, while many generic portfolio layouts will exclude the finer details.  As you will notice by browsing the 35 themes I’ve outlined below, you may find an advantage in setting up your site in a similar style.

1. MyResume WordPress Theme


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35 Stylish WordPress Themes With a Flat UI

I think it’s obvious by now that ‘flat’ is not just a new design trend or style that will go away next year. It’s here to stay and I think it’s great.

The idea behind what we call ‘flat design’ is to remove the noise. This means anything that is not necessary to a design. Things like heavy gradients, not-so-subtle drop shadows, 3d graphics, and the heavy use of skeuomorphism, can be replaced with more muted color schemes, solid colors, and a stronger focus on typography – a flat design focusses on the essentials.

In this post we have collected a total of 35 great WordPress themes that sport a flat design style. I hope you enjoy this post, feel free to chime in via the comment section!



44 Incredible Beta Startups and Webapps for Design Inspiration

The online world of startups has been growing at a rapid pace. It seems like every new founder has some exceptional idea to bring more value onto the Internet. Beta launches are so frequent because it’s a smart method to build a following before actually getting the product out in the open. Plus you can gauge user feedback and determine which areas may need to be touched up before any type of v1 release.

I’ve collected 44 brilliant website homepage layouts focused on startups and web applications. Anybody who is thinking about launching their own project may find some great techniques within this showcase. Especially if you would need launch at a beta stage trying to hook early adopters. Skim through these various examples and see if any design techniques really catch your eye.


tawk to chat im service webapp homepage

35 Magnificent Free and Premium Tumblr Blog Themes

The various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Medium has paved the way for newer and better features in web applications. Tumblr has always been a very interesting platform because it utilizes many post formats which appear naturally in the user interface. Thus many Tumblr themes are built focusing around these post formats. It is a unique way of blogging where you don’t always need to be writing text in order to post.

For this collection I have organized 35 outstanding themes for Tumblr blogs. Some of the free themes have been around for years, while others are still pretty new. I’ve also split the list between some free themes along with some premium designs. You can definitely count on high-quality work in these premium themes – the question is do you use Tumblr enough to justify a purchase? Check out these templates and see what you think about refreshing your blog, or even opening up a new one!


mono minimal responsive tumblr blog theme

32 Open Source Plugins for Assembling Image Galleries & Carousels

Free jQuery plugins have given developers access to build complicated systems with little-to-no worries. Pre-built solutions with custom theming offer so much more than free scripts. The plugin system itself was constructed in such a way to provide abstraction for quicker development.

In this article I have put together a brilliant set of free image galleries and carousels. Each one is built on top of the jQuery library and some have alternate dependencies for scripts like Bootstrap. No matter what you need to build, you are bound to find something helpful in this long list of open source plugins.


slidesjs open source jquery javascript plugin slideshow

5 Effective Ways for Freelance Web Designers to Manage Information Overload

frustrated businessman around by multiple office tools
Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed lately?

It’s no wonder. There are literally over a hundred million active websites. To be more precise, according the October 2013 Netcraft Web Server Survey (which is designed to count websites) there are 767,234,152 websites.

That’s a lot of information. Odds are that you’ve only personally encountered a fraction of those websites. And even that fraction can seem like too much.

If you add in all of the sharing that happens on social media sites, the thousands of blogs and news channels that are updated nearly every single day, and all of the images that are uploaded–the amount of information we are constantly bombarded with is staggering.

The web has become a noisy, noisy place. There’s no way any one freelancer can absorb it all. And they shouldn’t have to.

In this post, I describe five effective techniques that freelance web designers and others can use to manage information overload. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like How to Find and Use the Information You Really Need.

33 Focused CSS Galleries for Web Design Inspiration

Online CSS galleries have been around for decades providing great ideas for web designers. There has been a tremendous influx of ideas tackling all kinds of new unique web design concepts. These newer CSS galleries are often focused on a specific topic or type of website style. Notably responsive and mobile templates, along with many other ideas for webmasters.

I have put together 33 tightly-focused CSS galleries which are worth your attention. Each site is full of web design inspiration catering to a specific audience. I know designers are always looking for new resources and this definitely includes new galleries. You may not be interested in all of these topics, but have a glance at some of the website galleries and see if you can find any resources to help when building your next project.

Mobile Awesomeness

css inspiration gallery mobile platform smartphone