Quality Athletic Websites

by Brady Nord

August 27, 2010 in Inspiration

There are not many aspects in life that can bridge gaps between religion, race, and nationality. Although, one that has proven time and time again is sport. There is not a city across the world that you can visit without seeing a team jersey or logo somewhere! Because of this, many sports clubs and teams have a unique challenge of designing their web presence to appeal to an international arena more so then the rest of us. I have assembled what I would consider out of the box and quality athletic based websites.

Whether you love or hate the brand or team, I hope you would agree that these companies are standing out in comparison to what the rest of the field is doing.

Manchester United Football Club

Manchester City Football Club

USA Soccer

Ping Golf

Callaway Golf






Ultimate Fighting Championship

Author Bio: I am a 26 year old internet entrepreneur and co-founder of MOJO-Themes.com. In addition, I have been involved with custom design and development for the past 6 years out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to contact me on twitter and let me know your thoughts or just say hi! @bradynord

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About Brady Nord

Co-founder of Mojo-Themes.com

  • camcas9

    Aug 27th

    First! Very nice collection.

  • Ben

    Aug 27th

    I was planning on doing a blog post on English football club websites but looks like you sort of beat to it.

    Nice collection but would it be better for a short reason as to why you think each of them are ‘quality’ along side their image?

  • Elliott th web design chap

    Aug 28th

    Nice collection but I agree with Ben, should have reasoning behind your choices, there are somethings I like and some I dislike about your collection and I would be interested to hear what or why you have chosen these web sites :-)

  • 网站优化

    Aug 28th

    Read your works very well aware of learning

  • Saifur

    Aug 28th

    The post should have been appropriately named as quality SPORTS website collection or something. Atheletic doesnt sound right for this collection.

  • imran khan

    Aug 29th

    I am not a big fan of MANC… but this web design is just amazing… i think the best among all the collection…

    Good collection though..

  • Designmango

    Aug 29th

    some really well designed websites

  • Steven Grant

    Aug 30th

    Like others, I’m not a Man City fan but their website is the best football club site I’ve seen.

    Featured in a .net mag article last year and it’s been well planned. Does everything a fan would need.

    Nice to see it get more credit.

  • HDR Textures

    Aug 30th

    Gold ping is my favorite one, I love the simplicity.

  • Machin | Web Design UK

    Aug 31st

    Not too bad that. Liking the golf sites.

  • Web Design Nottingham

    Aug 31st

    Absolutly agree with the comments on Man Citys website

  • Mike R - Sweet Design

    Sep 1st

    Some nice websites. My favourites are Nike – for their visual style and photography and Man City for sheer good design and usability.

    I agree with Ben though some descriptions on why these are favoured would be good.

    Not sure Man Utds should be on here though. Bit of a mess really with lots going on but no real thought on how you navigate.

  • Web Designers

    Sep 1st

    I like the golfing ones especially, they are very sleek. Even though I don’t like Man U, I’ve got to say their website is pretty cool.

  • Victoria Blount

    Sep 3rd

    There are a nice selection of quality designed athletic websites above, the Nike design is simple, user friendly yet elegant and atmospheric.

  • Amelia Johnson

    Sep 7th

    There’s some lovely websites featured here. They all give a feeling of adrenaline, which is what a sports site should aim to do. My favourite is the Rebok site. I like the way they have gone against the usual dark approach found in sports websites. The spinning boxes are a really nice touch too, it’s really energetic.

  • Diseño Web

    Sep 8th

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  • web design kalamazoo

    Sep 19th

    Great examples, I love how clean the golfing sites are!

  • David D.

    Sep 22nd

    Great samples. The Manchester United landing page is good but is not that great.

  • replica handbsgs

    Oct 7th

    It’s nice to once and for all find a web site where the blogger knows what they are talking about.

  • Transporte de carga

    Jan 13th

    OMG! this is great.

  • Phil

    Mar 17th

    Please check http://www.ortovox.com, too.

  • Joel Askari

    Jun 5th

    iphone 5 is going to be the best compared to any other release becoz it has ios5.

  • pos system

    Jun 7th

    Great samples. The Manchester United landing page is good but is not that great.

  • hypnosis sheffield

    Jul 20th

    I don’t suppose I have read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject

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