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The Art of Negative Space By Tang Yau Hoong

Tang Yau Hoong is a talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration!

The Art of Negative Space

Tang Yau Hoong is a talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration!

The Art of Negative Space

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  • Adriana Nieto

    I love this, they are beautiful! Brilliant! Can’t decide which one is my favourite one 😀

  • DB

    I enjoyed these, so many great concepts + illustrations thx.

  • Kelvin roger

    Really creative design, i like your this post thanks for sharing. Home Improvement

  • Sandra

    Great collection, very interesting work, thanks for posting!

  • AB from folding bike reviews

    Wow! Tang Yau Hoong is a really talented artist. I would not mind hang some of his paintings i my livingroom. Must say i like the first one most.

  • Ronald Keller

    Understated, subtle and clever with a sharpand precise technique – also note the use of white space to reveal and emphasize shape and form. European style + asian technique + global message = great stuff !

  • Jac

    some really interesting works there, liked the “pen and light” one especially

  • Fay

    very creative and inspirational. Thanks for the share.

  • Marina Bian

    Your art is insane, I love the way you think. And is any of it for sale?

  • john

    Love the simple yet dream quality in them

  • César


  • Strani

    Really astonishing, reminds me of Toulouse Lautrec

  • Raul

    Very interesting concepts, thanks for sharing

  • ASpikes

    Great use of Illusion and Surrealism!! Some of these paintings are pretty trippy :p

  • v blackstone

    I really loved the designs
    stimulating & creative use of negative spaces

  • Mark Armstrong

    Very clever and beautifully done. I’d have to give the blue ribbon to Moustaches which really made me laugh! : )

  • Neha

    Lovely Concepts… Gr8 thot..

  • Rik Comello

    Sublime! [Deserves all prizes on illustration in the world]

  • honey

    am speechless…….

  • Samantha Prinsloo

    Gorgeous! You are really talented! Using negative space well, in any design, can truly be a work of art and you have pulled this one off :)

  • Abhishek Prasad


  • John

    Fantastic! Beautiful and thought provoking.

  • Jean Karl Izzo

    very interesting work and great creativity in using the negative space – thanks for sharing.

  • Ostheimer Webdesign

    Brilliant examples, this clearly is art.

  • SEOMonkeyz

    Awesome info as usual.

  • Purploni

    Haha! Sexy stuff.
    Beautiful use of negative space.


    Excellent post…a great use of negative space.. I like this vision!

  • JAT Source

    Nice color combination……..

  • Richard Hill

    Love the pythonesque moustaches – still remember John Harris telling me about negative space years (and I mean years) ago. Good to see it well used.

  • Laura

    Love the row of trees image! What beautiful artistry!

  • เสื้อคู่รัก

    Awesome. Thank for Sharing.

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  • Goncalo Espinha

    So cool… a true inspiration and lesson to show Designers that magic of using the art board as part of the action 😉