30 Top Sources of Typography Inspiration

Typography is one of the favorite parts of design for many of us, and finding new and helpful sources of typographical inspiration can often help to improve the use of type in our own work. Last week I launched a new gallery site, TypeInspire, dedicated to typography. I thought it would be worth while for those of you who are typography lovers to point out what I feel are some of the best resources available for receiving inspiration of this kind from the works of other designers. Although TypeInspire is new, I hope that it will become a valuable resource to the design community much like the sites that are featured in this list.

Typography Inspiration:


30 of the Best Sources for Typography Inspiration:

Typography Served

Typography Served

Typography Served is a gallery from the Behance Network. It features a wide variety of work and is easily one of teh best sources for typography inspiration.

Pattern Tap, Typography Tag

Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap is a unique web design gallery that makes very effective use of different categories of inspiration. The typography section showcases many websites with great use of typography.

Design You Trust, Type Category

Design You Trust

Design You Trust is a design blog that is open to the public where members can register and share inspiration that they have come across. The typography category has tons of great inspirational pieces.

Vi.sualize.us, Typography Tag


Vi.sualize.us is an image bookmarking service where users can tag the items that they want to bookmark. You can browse the typography tag to see the items that have been bookmarked by users.

We Heart It, Typography Tag

We Heart It

We Heart It is also an image bookmarking service. Again, it uses tags to organize the site and you can browse through the images that have been tagged with typography.

Typeish, Typography Category


Typeish is an image bookmarking service that categorizes the items that are bookmarked. The typography category will provide inspiration from the items that have been bookmarked by other users.

deviantART, Typography Category


deviantART is a favorite source for all kinds of design inspiration. The typography category is no exception.

Behance Network, Typography Category


Like deviantART, Behance is a popular site where designers can showcase their work. The typography category provides plenty of inspiration from talented designers.

We Love Typography

We Love Typography

We Love Typography is a community-based site where readers can submit items for inclusion on the site.

I Love Typography

I Love Typography

I Love Typography is a very popular blog that focuses on all things related to type and fonts.

Type Theory

Type Theory

Type Theory is a fairly new blog that provides news, reviews, information and inspiration related to typography and fonts.



Typesites is a design gallery that features websites with exemplary use of typography. There are not a lot of sites added to the gallery, but those that are in the archives provide plenty of inspiration.

Use Typography

USe Typography

Use Typography is a gallery of websites that make excellent use of typography. You can browse the archives by date, designer, and by the fonts that are used.



Typophile includes font and typography news and information.



TypeNeu’s tagline is “an oddesy in typography” and that is pretty accurate. Typography lovers will find inspiration that comes from a variety of different types of art and design at TypeNeu.

The Font Feed

The Font Feed

The Font Feed is updated almost every day with inspirational works of typography, fonts, and related work.



Typographica provides type reviews, books and commentary on typography in design. It’s a great source for anyone who is looking to learn more or to be inspired by type.

Type Directors Club

Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club is an organization that exists to support excellence in typography. On the site you will find news and inspiration.

Type for You

Type for You

Type for Your is a blog that provides articles and inspiration. The blog is no longer being updated, but the archives can still be a valuable source of inspiration.



Typographer is a blog that provides typography news and reviews of fonts.

Upscale Typography

Upscale Typography

Upscale Typography is a blog run by Parachute, an independent typefoundry. On the blog you will find news, information and inspiration.



Slanted is a German typography blog. If you’re like me and you don’t speak German, you can still find plenty of inspiration from the images on the site.

Flickr Groups for Typography Inspiration:

Flickr groups can also be excellent sources for design inspiration. Fortunately, there are a number of groups that feature typographic works. I won’t go into the details of each as they all exist for basically the same purpose and they all showcase the work of many Flickr users.

Typographic Inspiration
Typographic Inspiration

Experimental Typography

Experimental Typography

Graphic Design & Typography

Graphic Design and Typography



Typography and Lettering

Typography and Lettering



Your Typography

Your Typography

Urban Typography

Urban Typography

For more typography inspiration, please see:

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design, a popular design blog.
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