36 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials on Vector Design

Working in Adobe software has become the norm for most creative professionals. Photoshop is a huge program and compliments nicely with the entire Creative Suite. But Photoshop is primarily used for bitmap graphics, while Adobe Illustrator handles vector design in a similar fashion. It seems complicated but if you have the time to learn Illustrator it is well worth the effort.

Thus I’ve put together a handful of tutorials focused around vector artwork. These online guides and tutorials will help any designer understand how to structure vectors using Illustrator. There are a number of tools and techniques that can only be learned through practice and repetition. Take a peek over the list and see if anything catches your attention.

“Almost Flat” Modern Icons

modern flat icons illustrator tutorial

Illustrator Crash Course

adobe illustrator crash course online

Illustrator Pen Tool

pen tool objects paths adobe illustrator

Create Seamless Patterns

creating adobe illustrator patterns seamless repeating

RSS Icon Vector

rss icon vector tutorial illustrator

Cute Mushroom Vector

cute mushroom vector tutorial character design

Pixel-perfect Vector Icon

pixel perfect adobe illustrator vector icons

Inner Shadow

adobe illustrator inner shadow effect

Mesh Tool Basics

adobe illustrator tutorial mesh tool

Weather Line Icons

tutorial vector based line icons weather

Creating Simple Icons

howto create illustrator icons

Painted Vector Effect

painted vector effect tutorial illustrator

Vintage Camping Lantern

vintage camping lantern adobe illustrator tutorial

Vector Teddy Bears

vector teddy bear graphics tutorial

Design Modern Infographics

design howto modern infographics tutorial

Graphic Style Palette

graphic style seamless repeating illustrator tutorial

Illustrator’s Paintbrush Tool

basic guide paintbrush tool brush panel

Clipping Paths and Opacity Masks

clipping paths illustrator tutorial howto

Vector Drop Shadow

tree green vector drop shadow tutorial

Creating a Metal Chair

adobe illustrator metal chair tutorial vector art

Simple Power Button

adobe illustrator vector power button

Create a Sleek Ribbon

create a sleek website ribbon tutorial

Creating Halftone Effects

create halftone pattern design illustrator

Making Abstract Backgrounds

creating abstract vector shapes tutorial

Store Front Icon

simple vector storefront store icon tutorial

Create an Adobe Illustrator Brush

creating adobe illustrator brushes howto tutorial

Thermometer lllustration

adobe illustration tutorial illustrator thermometer

SVG Icons for Browsers

web browsers svg icons howto tutorial

Create an Envelope Icon

flat glossy envelope icon tutorial illustrator

Illustrator CS6 Self Portrait

howto tutorial illustrator cs6 design portrait drawing

Skull Vector

simple skull vector design icon

Google Chrome Icon

google chrome icon illustrator vector

Create a Mac Icon

mac computer icon vector illustrator tutorial

Stylish Pencil Icon

stylish vector icon pencil tool howto

3D Twitter Icon

3d tweet twitter icon vector design gradient tutorial

Cartoon Ghost Character

cartoon ghost vector character tutorial illustrator

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