jQuery lightGallery is a free Responsive Lightbox for your Website

With so many plugins under the jQuery umbrella it can be tough to know where to turn.

Lightboxes have been around for years but only recently have moved towards the trend of responsivity. Mobile responsive websites are huge and the best plugins are learning to accommodate.

jQuery lightGallery is an open source responsive lightbox plugin that also comes with modularity. This means you’ll be able to expand the plugin features through custom options or functions.

jquery lightgallery demo

Everything is well documented on the GitHub repo where you can also download a copy of the plugin itself.

You’ll find live demos online that can prove useful when gauging if you’d want to use this plugin yourself.

Try out lightGallery and let us know your thoughts.

Similarly if you want to contribute any code or open a new ticket just visit the lightGallery GitHub repo for more information.

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