Finalizing on the Best Logo for Your Brand

by Inspiredology

on July 4, 2012

in Logos

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The time has come where you finally decided to revamp, or start building from the ground up, a business identity for yourself. The only thing between you and self-employment bliss—your logo.

Your model is strong—your paper work, in order; however, there is one issue that stands between you and your perfect image: your logo. The number of ways you can deal with this issue seem endless; what’s more, it seems everyone you talk to has his or her own expert opinion on the matter. So what are some serious tips that can help you get your hands on the best logo possible for your business? Here are some approaches that may help you get where you are hoping to go.

The Minimalist Approach

When executed well, there is nothing more appealing than a minimalist logo. They are clean, effective, inviting, and are apt to stay in the viewer’s mind. However, when poorly created, a minimalist logo can have the adverse effect. It could say you are unprepared and have little to offer.

So how can you set yourself up for success in this field? Take some time to break down your company’s image as much as possible. If there was one word that could describe or represent your image, what would that word be? More important, could this single word be represented by a visual element? This is a good place to begin for a minimalist approach, and the specific look can be fine-tuned in the design process.

The Intricate Design that Wows

Ok, so the minimalist approach isn’t your thing. You want to impress—make yourself look larger than life. Your company is here, and you want the world to know. This is perfectly fine, and what is even better, you can use much of the same approach for this method as you would with the minimalist approach; all you need to do is pluralize.

Think of the iconic Harley-Davidson logo. The shield appearance implies strength, the badge-like look hints to authority. The name is unmistakably written across the center, and around the edges—in case you are unaware—the product is also textually made known. What aspects of your brand you want the world to know about? Figure this out, and break it down from there. Name, product, and the driving image or feel you want patrons to have in mind are all good things to try and include for an intricate logo design.

Somewhere in the Middle

Sure, maybe the loaded design isn’t your thing, nor do you want a minimalist design that might confuse customers. It might seem like common sense to simply combine the two, but some people forget this, or execute it ineffectively. Work on a minimalist representation of yourself like you read above—don’t worry, it won’t stand alone. Now decide on a basic slogan, or you could consider using your own company name. Research some typography you find appealing and unique, and plan to use this for the written portion of your logo. Now, here is the key: keep these two elements separate. Do not try to integrate the text into the image. The text can be next to the image, but not in it, as this will over complicate the logo, and rarely turns out how you want it unless you are looking for the more intricate design mentioned above.

Hire a Professional to Work with

Yes. Yes. And yes. You absolutely need to work with a professional designer. Not only will his prior work speak for his abilities, but he has done this before and you haven’t. It is not only the job of the designer to create the image, but he will also work with you to help you figure out what you really want.

Your logo may exist already in your mind, but if you cannot make your vision clear to someone else then you will never be satisfied. Most important, this is your company’s image we are talking about; do you really want to leave that up to some discount flake you found in the want-ads? Ask for some recommendations from others, shop around, and do your homework; this will be your image for a while, and you don’t want to have to do this again until you really need to.

Remember, this is your logo; make sure you are happy with whatever you end up doing. This is a moment to be proud of, and a process that may be challenging, but will prove to be a very rewarding step in identifying you and your business. Keep in mind other mediums you will want to print your logo on, such as cards, signage, or shirts. Once you have a logo to be proud of, make it known; the effort you put into your new logo will be apparent, and will be certain to attract customers.

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