Create apps code-free with App Press

by Brant Wilson

on June 7, 2012

in News

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Why App Press: Create as a true bohemian artist, on a blank canvas. Never worry about writing a single line of code, bothering with Objective C, or installing Xcode.

App Press was built for graphic designers. As a designer’s job evolves so must their tools. App Press caters to sophisticated teams and individuals looking for an artistic solution. App Press is built around a simple premise that lets you create pixel-perfect layouts in a familiar drag and drop environment. Easily upload custom images and arrange the layout in App Press.

App Press is easy to start and easy to use. Begin creating your app within minutes using our beautiful layout editor. You can design an app that works on Android and iOS. App Press is web based and requires no software installation. It doesn’t matter if you are on a Mac or a PC, at home or at work, you can access your designs anywhere, at any time.

Best of all, App Press provides free email, phone support and handles the entire app publishing process. The cost to publish your app through App Press? It’s Free.

For a design student, App Press is the perfect tool to create and learn. Not one art school in the United States offers a coding class. Yet, nearly all require knowledge using visual software like Photoshop. Now using that knowledge, students can build a sophisticated app code-free. App Press offers a special discount to students who sign up with a .edu email address.

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