Creative Competitions – Re Design Craiglist

by Brant Wilson

on April 12, 2012

in News

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To the responsible of Design mag,

My name is Guillermo Carone and I’ve been a fan of Design Mag for quite a bit. I enjoy reading your website a lot, is amazing the creative things that one can find, and you never know how those will inspire you!

I know you probably have tons of inquiries so I’ll keep it short. I’m the founder of, an organization that has been organizing architecture competitions for students for the past 3 years. More recently I co-founded, a platform were we envision to take our experience in the architecture competition field and apply it to anything that’s Creative, like design, photography, writing or even cooking why not!

We like to see Rivalation as the starting point for bigger things. We want to be the ones giving those creative, but a bit lazy people out there the extra motivation they need to start thinking and come up with great ideas. And to do that not only we’ll be organizing Creative Competitions, we also want to point our users to useful resources of inspiration.

One of the competitions we just started is the “ReDesign Craiglist Competition” ( ) were the contestants are asked to redesign the popular website Craiglist. Craigslist still uses a simplistic website with a bland interface and a mediocre user experience. We think that your students could come up not only with a better-looking design but also one that it will be more interactive, user friendly and easy to use, a design that will reach the full potential of Craiglist.
This competition has a FREE entry for the firsts contestants!

I would like to propose a partnership between Rivalation and Design Mag, were you will become an official sponsor of the competition. We will promote it as such on among all our users (social media, e-mail blasts, etc.), plus we’ll display your logo and link on our site. In return you could publish the 3 winners of the competition when they are selected and promote the competition to their users and readers.

I truly believe we could both benefit from this partnership that will cost you no money will definitely get us both some good amount of new users/readers.

I look forward to your comments. Please feel free to ask any questions or point out anything that needs clarification, I’ll be happy to reply to all the doubts you might have as well as listen to any comments

Guillermo Carone | Rivalation
Co-founder |

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