Unique repeating patterns for your website

by Brant Wilson

on October 22, 2012

in News

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Dear Editor,

Would our new Artlandia SymmetryMill, a web application for
pattern design, be of interest to those of your readers who wish
to create a unique patterns as a part of identity building for
their web sites and elsewhere?

SymmetryMill is the newest member of Artlandia’s family of
pattern design tools. The earlier Adobe plug-ins SymmetryWorks
and SymmetryShop are already widely used by professional
designers everywhere. SymmetryMill goes the next step and makes
the pattern creation process simple for “the rest of us.”

The app also integrates with a new web repository of
repeating patterns called “Pattern Central.” Users can share
their work to the repository and load patterns back in
SymmetryMill to learn how the patterns were created and improve
them further.

SymmetryMill works in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
and other popular browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

A one-year subscription to SymmetryMill costs $69. A free
limited version is also available for creating patterns from a
demo image and viewing patterns on Pattern Central. Access to
Pattern Central is also free.

The main pointers:
- Press release and screenshots:


- Product pages: http://www.artlandia.com/products/SymmetryMill/
- Pattern Central: http://www.artlandia.com/share/i/

If you would like to review SymmetryMill, we would be happy to
provide a NFR subscription.

Thank you for your interest in Artlandia SymmetryMill.

Olga Bakshee
Director of Marketing
Artlandia, Inc.


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