25 Flash Portfolio Sites for Your Design Inspiration

by Steven Snell

March 31, 2010 in Inspiration

Portfolio sites for designers and photographers that need to showcase their best work and land new clients. The level of  creativity is often higher on portfolio sites as it would be on other types of sites, and Flash-based sites allow many designers to explore their creative ideas.

Recent improvements in the SEO capabilities of Flash, along with improved connection speeds of the average internet user, have made it more practical for designers to use Flash-based sites for their portfolio sites.

In this post we’ll showcase 25 Flash-based portfolios for your design inspiration, plus a few Flash portfolio templates.

Thom Bennett

Thom Bennett

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Group Interview: How Did You Find Your First Client?

by Steven Snell

March 29, 2010 in Interviews

Last week we published the post Keys to Getting Your First Web Design Clients. As I was writing that post a while ago I was thinking back to my own experiences and wondering how the experiences of other designers compared. I decided to reach out to a number of designers and ask their input about how they landed their first clients.

For those of you who are just getting started, I hope this will serve as some encouragement as you will see that a successful design career can start from very humble beginnings. In total there are responses from 18 designers to the question:

How did you find your first client?

Danny Outlaw – Outlaw Design Blog
Being the cereal entrepreneur that I am, I was probably my own first client.  Rather then building dummy sites to add to my portfolio when I first got started, I built websites for my own little online projects.  As far as real first customers go,  I got mine from browsing Craigslist.  At the time,  I didn’t really know where else to look for entry level design projects.  It isn’t the ideal place to find design work from, but it is one of the places where many of the people looking for designers are on a tight budget.  This translates to mean that they are usually much more willing to try out new talent.

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Building Your Freelance Business Around WordPress

by Brian Casel

March 28, 2010 in Business/Freelance

WordPress has been nothing short of spectacular for freelancers and clients alike. Of course, we all know it’s the go-to system for blogging, but these days it’s much more than that.

In this post, I’d like to cover how different types of freelancers can build their businesses around this great piece of open-source software. And I’m not just focusing on programmers! There’s something for everyone here, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of WordPress.

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