Freebie: Stone and Concrete Textures

by Steven Snell

February 19, 2010 in Freebies

Today we have a set of free high res stone and concrete textures from Caleb Kimbrough. The set includes 10 high-quality textures that can be used for personal or commercial purposes. You can download any of the images from Flickr (click on the image that you want and you’ll be led to the Flick page).

Concrete and Stone Texture 2

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150 Free Rust Brushes for Photoshop

by Steven Snell

February 18, 2010 in Resources

Most designers love Photoshop brushes because they can make it quick and easy to create impressive results. In the past we have posted numerous collections of various types of Photoshop brushes, and today we’ll continue with rust brushes.

The use of rust and texture in design is very popular right now, and a good set of brushes can make it easy to add this style to your own work. In this post we showcase 13 of the best packs of free rust brushes for Photoshop users.

Concrete Rust (9 brushes)

Concrete  Rust

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15 Highly-Useful Resources for Cross Browser Testing

by Steven Snell

February 17, 2010 in Resources

Browser testing is one of the parts of the design and development process that is necessary but never really enjoyable. With the number of browsers and operating systems that are available, it can be a very time-consuming process to test your website in the environments of visitors. There are a number of tools and resources that have been created to help with this situation, and we’ll profile 15 of them in this post.

In 2008 I published a post of 10 Helpful Resources for Cross Browser Testing, but a lot has changed since then. This post provides an updated look at the world of browser testing and showcases some new products and resources that were not available a few years ago.

Adobe BrowserLab
Adobe BrowserLab is a free resource that allows you to see how your site looks in a wide variety of browsers in Windows XP or Mac OS X (you will need an Adobe account). Once you’ve chosen a browser and an operating system you can enter the URL to see how it looks. You can view one at a time or side-by-side from two different browsers.


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How to Design a Blue Marketing Company Layout in Photoshop

by Steven Snell

February 16, 2010 in Tutorials

Today we’ll be going through the process of designing a website for a fictitious marketing company, step-by-step. The design uses a blue color scheme and is intended to put the emphasis on services offered and what the company can do for its clients. Our friends at SnobbySlice are in the process of coding this design into a template that will be distributed for free in the near future.

What We Will Be Designing:

Here is a look at the end result (click the image to see in full size)

Photoshop Layout Tutorial

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