10 Questions with Jonathan Longnecker of FortySeven Media

by Steven Snell
on November 19, 2009

in Interviews

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Longnecker of FortySeven Media to get some insight into his process and his life as a designer. I think you’ll find some inspiration and helpful advice in Jonathan’s responses. In case you are not familiar with his work, Jonathan is a co-founder of FortySeven Media with his partner Nate Croft. You’ll see some examples of their work in this post, or you can visit their portfolio.

Jonathan Longnecker

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10 Passive Marketing Opportunities for Freelancers

by Steven Snell
on November 18, 2009

in Business/Freelance

Freelance designers are faced with the challenge of constantly finding new work and converting inquiries into paying clients. There are plenty of different ways that you can market your services, but sometimes the most effective ways involve passive marketing.

In this article we will be looking at ten different ways you can passively market your services to potential clients. This includes some methods that involve work up front and then little to no work to continue marketing your services, as well as some methods that are passive in the sense that you are not actively pursuing clients or trying to advertise your services.

1. An Effective Portfolio Site

The portfolio site is a critical aspect to marketing for freelancers. One of the reasons that a great portfolio site can be so effective is that it will always be there to market your services to potential visitors. Regardless of what time of day it is or where the potential client lives, a strong portfolio site will promote your services for you. The portfolio site should showcase your best work, clearly communicate to visitors what you can offer, and allow them to get in touch with you about their project.

For more on portfolio websites, please see these resources:

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15 ThunderBird Addons for Better Organization and Efficiency

by Steven Snell
on November 17, 2009

in Resources

Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a popular email application that is used by many freelancers and designers. Like Firefox, one of the great things about Thunderbird is the ability to extend it with a wide range of add-ons that are available. In this post we’ll highlight 15 that are likely to be appreciated by designers and developers who are looking to improve their efficiency.


Keeping your inbox organized can be a major challenge when you’re getting tons of email every day, but it’s important for making the most efficient use of your time and for staying on top of things. QuickFolders allows you to set tabs for your most important folders, making it quicker and easier to manage.

This extension adds an extra toolbar to Thunderbird. When you drag a mail folder to it, you get a (rename-able) shortcut to that mail folder. This supports full drag and drop, like the corresponding folder in the folder tree – You can drag messages on it to move/copy them to the folder, and access the bookmarked folders through keyboard shortcuts. This is handy when you have a large tree of folders for clients or projects, but use only a few of them at the same time.

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35 Fresh & Outstanding Portfolio Websites for Your Design Inspiration

by Steven Snell
on November 16, 2009

in Inspiration

Portfolio websites are often a great source of design inspiration. All designers want to have a portfolio that does an effective job of showcasing their work and helping to bring in new clients. In the past we have published a few collections of portfolio websites, and here is the latest edition. The sites showcased in this post have been featured at our gallery of portfolio sites, Folio Focus.

For more inspiration from portfolio sites see:



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