Free One-Page Portfolio Template from Folio Focus

by Steven Snell
on September 14, 2009

in Site News

I recently had the opportunity to work with our good friends at Snobby Slice to create a one-page portfolio template that is being distributed at Folio Focus. I did the design in Photoshop and Snobby Slice did the HTML/CSS and JavaScript coding. The design uses a dark textured background simple layout that allows for you to list information about the specific services that you offer, showcase items from your portfolio, and provide some biographical information about yourself.

One-Page Portfolio Template

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10 Tips To Help Freelancers Prioritize Tasks

by Steven Snell
on September 9, 2009

in Business/Freelance

Being a freelance designer brings a lot of challenges to the daily work aside from the expected design-related issues. Running your own business means that you’ll have to deal with finances, customer service, marketing and every other aspect of the business on top of the design or development work that produces an income. For many freelancers this juggling act is the hardest part of the being a freelance designer.

With so many things that always need to be done, and limited time to dedicate to these tasks, effectively prioritizing tasks is essential in order to achieve efficiency and productivity. If you’ve been working on your own for a while you are probably aware of the challenges that you face in this area, and maybe you are interested in working to improve your ability to effectively prioritize. If you are new to freelancing or just considering making the jump, this is a topic that demands attention.

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75 High-Quality Free Wood Textures

by Steven Snell
on September 8, 2009

in Resources

Last week we released a pack of free high res wood textures for use in your own design work. Since there are a lot of high-quality wood textures available, and a wide variety to choose from, you may also have an interest in the textures that are showcased in this post. They come from several different websites and blogs.

wood texture

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