WordPress Help: 25 Blog and Resource Websites

by Jake Rocheleau

August 9, 2013 in Wordpress

The open source PHP/MySQL WordPress platform is one of the most stable scripts for any webmaster. With the advent of Custom Post Types it is now possible to turn any WordPress website in a full-blown gallery of social network. I have been so impressed with recent advancements that I feel it’s worth cataloging some of the best resources for WP developers.

In this gallery I have put together 25 must-know WordPress blogs and online resources. From helpful code snippets to finding new plugins, there are always plenty of resources out there for WordPress lovers. Even premium themes and inspiration galleries can help when you sit down to code your own WordPress theme. I do hope these resources prove beneficial to webmasters all around the world. And if I have left out any great tools, feel free to share with us in the discussion area below.

We Love WP

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Move Website Hosting: The Story of My Recent Move to MediaTemple.

by Brad Wayland

August 8, 2013 in Business/Freelance

The idea of moving your website can be pretty daunting these days. I dread the entire process. Here are some of the thoughts running through my head. What if I miss something? What if I fail to get it running correctly? What if I cancel my old hosting and failed to remember that there were a stash of secret files I never backed up!? What if the new system is slow? What if the data migration takes 10 days instead of 2 hours? These are the kinds of ideas going through my head when I consider changing hosting. This is my business and I’m nervous about disrupting the server environment.

Recently I was at a dinner in Austin Texas hosted by my friends over at BuySellAds. There were 10 total people there and 2 of them were a couple of guys from MediaTemple. I had actually never used their service although I heard good things over the years. Hosting talk is a bit boring to me so we never really got into the ins and outs of what I needed etc but they did give me a good picture of how broad their offering was. They seemed to have a good solution for just about any kind of hosting scenario I would need. While at dinner I explained to Mark (one of the MT guys) that the thought of moving my network of design sites was a bit daunting and that I was not looking forward to it although I felt it was about time to move on. He asked me a few questions and then mentioned that they had a service that does the move for you. I left the conversation and tucked the information away for a later time.

Heading into the summer I started feeling like it was time to make a move. I wanted the sites to run faster. I was having some trouble with server connectivity error logs that my devs could not explain. I was ready to take a serious look at what other hosts had to offer. I spent some time reviewing several of the larger players in the space. There were lots of options to choose from and at times it was difficult to know how to compare hosts to each other. I finally decided that I wanted to host the sites with MediaTemple. All the hosts I reviewed seemed very similar to one another. It seemed I really could not go wrong on the surface. However, the thing that stood out about MT was a service they have called Move. For $150 the MT CloudTech team will move any site anywhere to MT hosting. They have a simple lead form where you enter a few lines of information.

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How To Build a Range Slider Input with jQuery UI

by Jake Rocheleau

August 6, 2013 in Tutorials

Looking at the HTML5 range input element you can see a number of advancements. Forms are able to take in restricted information from users sliding between number segments. But unfortunately these HTML5 inputs are only supported in modern browsers. So although there are a few limitations we can try to work around them.

I want to demonstrate how to build a more customized version of the range slider using jQuery UI. The slider widget is a part of the jQuery UI core library so it comes prepackaged with the script. This makes it really easy to play with because the documentation has been well-sourced and easy to consume. Check out the live copy of my sample demo to see what we are creating.

jquery ui sliders inputs form

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How to Implement AJAX Without Killing Your SEO and Accessibility Efforts

by Rochester Oliveira

August 5, 2013 in SEO

In the past few years we’ve seen a lot of changes in this big World Wide Web land, with a lot of different emerging devices, techniques and tools. HTML5, AJAX, Accessibility are the kind of stuff that just didn’t exist back when things were simpler, websites were created using front page and table tables were used to structure your layout.

A few things may sound pretty crazy now, like this old habit of creating websites using tables, but others are just equally crazy and people are still doing it, like obtrusive JavaScript.

JavaScript can be used in so many ways (especially after jQuery emerged as a must-have tool in any site) that sometimes we forget one simple and important thing: it will eventually break. Yeah, it’s that simple, one day or another it will just break.

The difference between Jedi Masters and Padawans is how prepared you are for those hard times when things don’t work as you wanted to.

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