A Simple Look Into Adaptive and Responsive Web Design

by Aidan Huang

July 25, 2013 in design

The decision for a developer to use an adaptive or responsive web design is dependent on the intended use of the web page. In a short comparison, an adaptive web design is made to deliver content accommodating to the type of browser enabled.

While a responsive web design is designated to fit the original web page’s contents into the specified container. Although adaptive web designs are less popular than responsive, neither style is necessarily better than the other in terms of overall viewing quality.

Discussing Responsive Web Design

When viewing a web page written with a responsive web design, the site aesthetics may vary depending on the type of device or browser the user is viewing on. For example, viewing a standard web page on a mobile phone versus on a standard computer monitor. These websites, when being viewed on a monitor, display the web page with full imagery and content normally.


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Top Tips on How to Stop Struggling to Get Paid for Freelance Designers

by Laura Spencer

July 23, 2013 in Business/Freelance

US one hundred dollar bills falling from a blue sky.Have you ever had trouble getting a client to pay you? Some freelance designers struggle to collect the money that is due to them.

From a freelancer’s perspective, getting paid is the most important part of the project. The money we get from freelancing pays our bills and helps us to stay in business.

And to be honest, no one wants to spend weeks (or even months) trying to collect from a former client. But sometimes, payment problems happen anyway.

Happily, there are some steps you can take to reduce or even eliminate payment problems. In this post, I share some tips to help you get paid including the seven steps of effective invoicing and five invoicing tools. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like The Nitty Gritty Details Freelancers Need to Know About Getting Paid.

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How to Code Your First HTML UI Kit

by Rochester Oliveira

July 22, 2013 in Resources

UI Kit’s are quite handy when it comes to design. They allow you to create beautiful and standardized interfaces pretty fast, with a lot of premade components that you can use and edit.

But when it comes to coding, they are not that common. Sure, you have some frameworks here and there, but complete HTML UI Kits are rare, and most times you may need to code that yourself. On the other hand, that’s a great opportunity to create a tool for yourself, a starter kit that will allow you to implement interfaces in no time.

So today we’ll see a few coding tips, and also implement 3 components in a way that they can be easily themed and placed anywhere in your site.

First things first

I know most of you just want to see it so here you can see the [link]LIVE DEMO[/link] and here you can Download the files so you can just play around with it.

Here is how it’ll look like:


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Useful Tips for Building a Brand Identity with a Business Card

by iulian

July 21, 2013 in design

 Brand design is never easy; in fact, it’s such a delicate task that you never know when you got the right thing and your career depends on it. Business cards are a means of presentation taken for granted these days. If having no social media makes you non-existent, how can you exist in the real world without real branding?


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