33 Simple yet Creative Logo Designs for Startups

by Jake Rocheleau

July 19, 2013 in Inspiration

A number of design resources are available online where you can build very simplistic logos from scratch. The incredible market of PSD freebies along with free font files creates an atmosphere of fluid creativity. It is much easier now to launch a project online and put together a quick yet efficient logo within an hour using Photoshop, or another graphics editor.

In this gallery I want to present a collection of logo designs for inspiration. Marketers and identity designers will know the amount of work it takes putting together ideas into a logo. But with enough practice you should be able to get the hang of things. It is my hope this gallery will provide a set of helpful minimalist logo designs for deriving other ideas on your own.

Pier 5 Fish Market

logo design inspiration pier5 fish

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Top 10 Code-Free Website Builders

by iulian

July 17, 2013 in Resources

When Wordpress came out I thought “somebody ought to make that for websites as well” – and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Everybody wanted to be able to create a site without learning code. Fast forward by ten years and here we are, surrounded by that very wish come true and multiplied by as many wishers out there. The good news is that the coding days are over, and I’m not talking about hybrid software like Dreamweaver, for which you didn’t need a Ph D in web design, but still had to go to college. All these softwares below allow you to create a site by clicking and dragging, just like a walk in a Photoshop park. The “bad” news is that they’re so many, you wouldn’t know which one to choose. But that is what we’re here for.




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28 Free Typefaces for Web & Graphic Designers

by Jake Rocheleau

July 15, 2013 in Resources

Custom fonts are useful not just for graphics design, but also to use in your own websites via CSS @font-face. All of the free open source font families are easy to find and quick to include on your websites. But graphic/web designers also know the importance of choosing the right fonts in your mockups.

I want to present a small collection of interesting web fonts you can download for free use in any project. These are a great choice for web designers because you can easily setup your logo and heading text without needing to sacrifice much in the HTML/CSS conversion. Additionally you can produce the other web-safe font filetypes by using a service like Font2Web.

Idealist Sans

easy sans-serif light font color typeface

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Dashes, Quotes and Ligatures: Typographic Best Practices

by Joseph Alessio

July 11, 2013 in Typography

Typography has become a hot topic, often used referring illustrative typography or custom lettering. At its core, however, typography is simply the skill of setting type. Several centuries ago, this meant composing every paragraph by hand, character by character, before locking it into a form and printing it on a letterpress machine. For much of the 1900s, this meant typing it out on a Linotype or a similar composing machine.

Since the advent of the digital age, nearly all composing has been done digitally. This certainly makes things simpler, but we’ve also lost many typographic sensibilities. Here are a number of items for your consideration that will help you set type better, applicable in both print and web scenarios.

The Principle Of Typography


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