The Easiest and Fastest Way to Identify a Font

by iulian

June 27, 2013 in design

People have the tendency to get things stuck in their heads. Mostly things that they like but can’t find the second time. It’s that cool tune you heard on the radio while driving but it didn’t say what it is called, it’s that cool pair of sneakers that someone has but you don’t know from where he bought it from, it’s that awesome font you found the other days while surfing the web and really want to use it in your next project but there isn’t anyone who can tell you what it is. Well, designers, I have good news for you, unfortunately I can’t help those of you out there still searching for the song they heard on prom night when they almost kissed their high school sweetheart.


Your search for recognizing fonts that are stuck to your retina and won’t go away is over because of, an website that can basically identify every font that’s out there, with the exception of custom made fonts. This website is a free and easy to use font identifier that allows you in just 3 steps to uncover the font you are looking for. And if somehow it doesn’t recognize the font that you’re looking for, it will show you a lot of similar ones from their library of more than 280,000 fonts.


You will see in the images below that the site is really easy to use, but you should keep in mind that the results won’t be accurate each time because sometimes the font you want to identify isn’t in its database, but still it will show you a selection of similar fonts from which you can choose and I find this to be a really good feature.

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Coding a Lazy-Load Website Interface using Unveil.js

by Jake Rocheleau

June 26, 2013 in Tutorials

There have been a number of recent open source plugins for lazing loading images. A popular choice is Unveil.js which was just recently published onto Github. It is meant to be a lightweight version of the original LazyLoad plugin built over jQuery. After testing out a number of different features I am a huge fan of Unveil.js.

Interface design is incredibly simple once you understand the basics. It will take some practice getting used to the code samples and writing your images properly. However the lazy load plugin can showcase tremendous support across all typical web browsers. Not to mention the popularity among users who are transferring data over slow Internet connections. The lazy load plugin will shave off latency times and still provides an exhilarating user experience.

designmag jquery tutorial preview lazyload images plugin

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Improve Your Creativity & Problem-Solving with these 7 Brainstorming Techniques

by Laura Spencer

June 23, 2013 in Business/Freelance design

Do you allow yourself enough time for creative brainstorming?

Most designers don’t. In fact, many designers don’t allow themselves any time for brainstorming. Then they wonder why they feel uninspired.

Maybe you feel uninspired because it takes time to be creative–time that most freelance designers don’t work into their schedules. The true creative cycle looks something like this:

But many designers act like this is the cycle:
No one is a never-ending fountain of creative ideas. We all need inspiration sometimes. In this post, I share seven great brainstorming techniques that you can use to improve your creativity and solve problems. If you’ve ever suffered from creative block, this post is for you.

If you liked this post, you may also like My Best Ideas for What to Do When Your Freelancing Creativity Fails You.

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How to Build an Eye-Catching Portfolio Layout

by Jake Rocheleau

June 20, 2013 in Designer Showcase

Both personal and corporate portfolios require careful attention to detail. There are lots of new user experience techniques which can offer a seamless interface for designers. And when presenting your work online it is worth spending a bit of extra time to ensure your strategy will impress visitors.

I want to share a few ideas for when you are crafting a new portfolio layout. These trends will obviously advance as time goes on. Digital creatives are often the first people jumping onto new trends, and so it is reasonable to assume portfolios may resonate newer design ideas in the future. But not every idea is going to be perfect for your website. It takes a bit of critical thinking to determine which design styles would fit best into your own personal or company portfolio layout.

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