20 Best Responsive Web Designs

by Cale White
on January 31, 2013

in design

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A website is considered responsive when it is designed in such a way so that the viewers can read the content of the website, navigate through it with easy from different kinds of devices like Android phones or Smartphones, computers, tablets and other such gadgets. Since the number of mobile internet users are increasing at a fast pace, the webmasters should also take some serious steps to provide the browser with the best experience so that they take the initiative to come back to your site time and again.

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How To Build an HD Photo Gallery using Schema Microdata

by Jake Rocheleau
on January 28, 2013

in Tutorials

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There are plenty of benefits for developers who add Microformats or Microdata into their HTML markup. Search engines like Google or Yahoo! often look for this extra metadata when crawling new webpages. You can offer helpful attributes for text and media on the page, along with other information about people, businesses, ideas, projects, practically anything.

In this tutorial I would like to introduce Schema microdata as applied into an HTML5 image gallery. The dynamic content is powered by a small bit of jQuery so we can display thumbnails and the full-scale image as well. The codes here may be copied and ported into various other layouts for displaying lightboxes or streaming video. It’s a fun topic and offers a lot to those interested in learning!

schema microdata html5 photo gallery tutorial preview

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