15 Sticker Designs for Startups

by Brant Wilson
on October 24, 2012

in Inspiration

Sticker Mule just launched The Sticker Gallery – a place for designers to browse, bookmark, and comment on sticker designs. There you’ll find the work of many known brands, as well as independent artsist and designers.

Today we’re featuring 15 examples of sticker designs from tech startups in Sticker Mule’s Gallery:


bitly stickers

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28 Beginner’s Tutorials for Learning about MySQL Databases

by Jake Rocheleau
on October 22, 2012

in Tutorials

Developing and programming with databases is a huge step onto a large plateau of information. Nobody starts out with MySQL and masters the software in a week. Not only do you need to learn setting up DBs and tables, but also the SQL language itself.

This rough road was very difficult to traverse maybe 5 or 10 years ago. But there is much more information online today which is generally very helpful. Thus I have scoured through Google and put together 28 of my personal favorite MySQL tutorials for newbies. You can learn all the basics of setting up a database and connecting into your own application. But additionally if you have any questions or comments on the gallery, feel free to share with us in the discussion below.

Pagination SQL Server vs MySQL

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1 Sweet Deal From Our Network!

by Brant Wilson
on October 18, 2012

in Business/Freelance Site News

Recently, DesignM.ag acquired all the intellectual property rights to ZenTextures.com. As part of this acquisition we have decided to put the entire Zen Collection in your hands for only $29. That is right, $29 for over 450 high resolution textures! Get the Deal!

Every day we have people emailing us from Lost and Taken asking if there is any way to download a giant collection of textures instead of working through them one at a time. Here’s your chance.

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Tips for Building Great Startups with a Small Team

by Jake Rocheleau
on October 14, 2012

in Business/Freelance

Not all startups will require a large team to get a product online and scale quickly. There are examples of single technical founders or even a team of 2-3 people building the initial frameworks for rapidly advancing Internet startups. You will see this type of startup more commonly in mobile app stores where the barrier to entry and profit margins are very high. But even websites and other startups can thrive in an environment with very few team members.

Boston Massachusetts Startup Tech Weekend - Featured Image

In this article I’d like to delve into the concept of a startup and how to adjust the mindset of your team. It will require dedication from every person and long hours are commonplace in startup environments. But success is all about how you work and your willingness to change what isn’t working. The efficiency of your team will depend on everybody’s ability to communicate and share ideas with each other.

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