Building Website Projects with a Fast-Paced Startup Mentality

by Jake Rocheleau
on September 17, 2012

in Business/Freelance

If you’ve heard the term “startup” before then you are likely familiar with the idea of rapid work progression. Internet/tech startups often focus on building one single project and quickly scaling out new features over time. This mindset can be pushed onto projects for the web related to design & development.

Featured Image Shot - Sunrise over San Francisco, CA

In this article I’d like to share some ideas behind working with a startup mentality. You can easily accomplish an incredible amount of work each day if you know where to focus your energy. It’s difficult to shift your attention span after being ingrained with your own schedule for so long. But follow these trends and you may find yourself completing more project work than ever.

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35 Crisp Photographs of Brilliant Autumn Landscapes

by Jake Rocheleau
on September 12, 2012

in Inspiration

As we’re moving into September the seasons begin to change once again. This is a beautiful time of year for personal reflection and coming to terms with our position in life. I have always had a strong emotional attachment to the Fall, with such a brilliant display of colors and scenery.

In this showcase I’ve collected 35 examples of eye-popping color photographs in Autumn. These photos include dense forests, cityscapes, small towns, farmland, and dozens of other natural landscapes. I hope this collection may provide inspiration for designers and photographers around the world. It is also my hope to evoke a sense of security and novelty to open yourself to new ideas and new opportunities.

Golden Autumn Mountains

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