The Web Design Platform You Need to Know

by Brant Wilson
on October 10, 2012

in Business/Freelance Resources

Did you know WordPress powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the
world? WordPress is now considered a state-of-the-art website platform
- and, best of all, it’s free to use.

It’s so great that 22 out of every 100 new, active domains in the US
are running WordPress.

And, it’s only going to keep growing as web designers learn WordPress
allows you to build sites faster and easier. Plus, now clients are
specifically asking for content management systems, like WordPress.

As the word spreads, so will the demand. That’s why it’s so important
to get started now and be at the front of
this trend.

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33 Video Game Blogs, Fansites, and Website Layout Designs

by Jake Rocheleau
on October 8, 2012

in Inspiration

Website designers are very common and 2012 has seen an enormous increase with more students entering the field. Popular niches often focus around business and high finance – however digital media and especially video games are on the rise. Because of these trends you’ll see more people launching video game blogs and social networks.

I want to devote this gallery towards 33 interesting video game website layouts. These do include some blogs, along with fansites and dedicated strategy guides. Designers can work together building some incredible products for the web. I hope this gallery can offer a bit of inspiration in the way of gaming in our new digital era.

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The Fastest Way to Become a Web Designer

by Brant Wilson
on October 4, 2012

in Business/Freelance

If I said you could start today and be a full blown web designer – making $125 per hour or more – in just 8 weeks, would you be interested?

If you’re a regular reader of, the answer is most likely, “You bet!”

People, like you, who visit this site are looking for expert advice on making a living as a web designer or increasing their web design income.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about and how they can help you achieve those goals, but what you may not realize is has developed the fastest, surest way for you to become a successful web designer.

It’s their WordPress Bootcamp and they’ve successfully trained hundreds of students through this course over the past year.

In just 8 weeks, you’ll learn how to build websites … in less than 10 hours … and make over $2,000 per website. You’ll even learn how to attract clients…

But seats are very limited.

If you have any interest in becoming a successful web designer, I urge you to check out this WordPress Bootcamp today.

Just click here.

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