100+ Free Vector Map Files

by Brant Wilson

June 27, 2011 in Inspiration Resources

I find myself constantly searching the web for awesome vector map .eps files to use in my projects. Lately I have been using them for when I create infographics. Unfortunately with the abundance of free ones floating around out there that means there are a lot of free vector maps that are low quality and very inaccurate. Featured below is a massive roundup of over 100 of the best free vector map files I’ve bookmarked over the past few years. Enjoy!

Free Vector Maps:

North American Vector Map

World Continents Vector Map

Vector Map of World Continents

United States Vector Map

Vector Map United States

World Tech Vector Map

Vector Tech World Map

Red World Vector Map

Vector Red World Map

Dotted World Vector Map

Vector World Dotted Map

Floral Globe Vector Map

Floral Vector Globe Map

Metallic Patterned World Vector Map

Vector Patterned Metallic World Map

School Style World Vector Map

Vector School World Map

Blank Black World Vector Map

Black Vector World Map

World Vector Map

Vector World Map

Colorful World Vector Map

World Colorful Map Vector

Blue Dotted World Vector Map

Dotted Blue Map Vector

Red Patterned World Vector Map

World Red Patterned Map Vector

Blue Arrows World Vector Map

World Map Vector Blue Arrows

Blue World Vector Map

World Vector Blue Map

Blank World Vector Map

Vector Blank World Map

Light Blue Vector Map

Vector Light Blue Map

Linear World Vector Map

Vector Linear World Map

Pastel Colors World Vector Map

Vector World Map Pastel Colors

Blue and Green World Vector Map

Bright World Vector Map

Vector Bright World Map

Cities and World Vector Map

World and Cities Map Vector

Political World Vector Map

Vector Political World Map

Blank World Countries Vector Map

World Countries Map Vector

Pacific Centered World Vector Map

World Map Pacific Centered Vector

Globes Vector Map

Vector Globes Map

Icons World Vector Map

World Icon Map Vector

Blue World Continents Vector Map

Vector World Continents Map

Africa Centered World Vector Map

World Africa Centered Map Vector

Beige Land World Vector Map

World Biege Land Map Vector

Lined World Vector Map

World Lined Map Vector

Techno World Vector Map

World Techno Map Vector

Black Water World Vector Map

World Black Water Map Vector

Grey Land Vector Map

Vector Grey Land Map

Latitude Longitude World Vector Map

Vector Latitude Longitude World Map

Dot World Vector Map

World Dot Map Vector

Ancient Tattered World Vector Map

Tattered Ancient Vector World Map

Black United States Vector Map

United States Black Map Vector

Mexico Vector Map

Vector Mexico Map

Australia Vector Map

Vector Australia Map

Red and Green World Vector Map

Green Red Vector World Map

World and Globes Vector Map

Globes and World Map Vector

Old World Vector Map

Vector Old World Map

Globes Vector Map

Map Globes Vector

White and Grey Blank Vector Map

Blank Grey and White Map Vector

Grey Blank Vector Map

Vector Grey Blank Map

States, Provinces, and Countries Vector Map

Countries, States, and Provinces Map Vector

Countries and Flags Vector Map

Flag and Countries Map Vector

Geo Font Vector Map

Vector Geo Font Map

Brazil Vector Map

Vector Map Brazil

Blank Mexico Vector Map

Mexico Blank Map Vector

Beige Italy Vector Map

Italy Beige Map Vector

Brazil Political Vector Map

Political Brazil Map Vector

Colorful Italian Vector Map

Italy Colorful Map Vector

France Vector Map

Vector France Map

France Political Vector Map

Vector France Political Map

Germany Vector Map

Vector Germany Map

California Vector Map

Vector California Map

California Flag Vector Map

Vector California Flag Map

South America Vector Map

Vector South America Map

Europe Vector Map

Vector Europe Map

Africa Vector Map

Vector Africa Map

Blue Blank World Vector Map

Blank Blue World Map Vector

Teal and Beige Vector Map

Vector Beige and Teal Map

Red Canada Vector Map

Vector Red Canada Map

45 Degree Lines World Vector Map

Vector 45 Degree Lines World Map


















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