23 of the Best Grunge-Style WordPress Themes

by Steven Snell

October 24, 2013 in Resources

The grunge style is obviously very popular in modern web design. Many WordPress theme designers are creating high-quality, grunge-style themes. In this post we’ll feature 23 themes, some are free and some are premium.

Premium Themes:

Grunge ($35) | View Grunge Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Rocksolid ($40) | View Rocksolid Demo

Rocksolid mobile app Grunge WordPress Themes

Music Pro ($55) | View Music Pro Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Grungexperience ($40) | View Grungexperience Demo

Grungexpress premium grungexperience WordPress Themes

RetyX ($40) | View RetyX Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Sport and Grunge ($55) | View Sport and Grunge Demo

Sport and Grunge dark WordPress Themes

Tribal ($40) | View Tribal Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

With Style ($50) | View With Style Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

GrungeMag ($19.95/yr for Elegant Themes membership) | View GrungeMad Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Influx ($19.95/yr for Elegant Themes membership) | View Influx Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Free Themes:

Color Paper | View Color Paper Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Black Magic | View Black Magic Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Cellar Heat | View Celler Heat Demo (dark version)

Grunge WordPress Themes

WordPress Fun | View WordPress Fun Preview

Grunge WordPress Themes

Japan Style | View Japan Style Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Elegant Grunge | View Elegant Grunge Demo

elegant grunge preview WordPress Theme

Zombie Apocalypse | View Zombie Apocalypse Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

CreativeArt | View Creative Art Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

Deskspace | View Deskspace Demo

free deskspace WordPress Themes

Mystic Grunge | View Mystic Grunge Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

RedAutumn | View RedAutumn Demo

redautumn free WordPress Themes

PassWord | View PassWord Demo

Grunge WordPress Themes

ModernOak | View ModernOak Preview

Grunge WordPress Themes

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  • James Chartrand - Men with Pens

    Dec 2nd

    Mm-mm. Man, I love these themes. So many of them are rich in layers and textures, and there’s nothing better than a theme you can touch.

    Or almost. ;)

  • Brandon

    Dec 2nd

    Thanks for this list – grunge is an area I feel weak in as far as design is concerned so these examples are rather inspiring.

  • Malcolm

    Dec 9th

    Excellent themes……thanks for the list.

  • Shelly

    Dec 27th

    Thanks for this list. My biggest problem with many of the themes is that so many of them rely on wood or wooden looking walls as a backdrop which I think is mostly ugly. I wish more of them used other forms of walls like concrete, tile, cereamic, stucco, marble, etc. Other textures other than wood would be way more interesting.

  • EinbauStrahler

    Feb 21st

    Amazing themes!
    I say it as a wordpress theme developer myself :)

  • Joachim

    May 3rd

    Very nice themes, thanks for sharing!!

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Mar 2nd

    Nice collection, love it :)

  • vuitton

    Aug 15th

    I liked how you introduced each one of your points with a quote

  • Web 3.0 Textures

    Aug 24th

    Mystic Grunge theme has fantastic brush use.

  • Nikki May | Web Content Writer

    Sep 11th

    I have a website that I think is suited to a grunge style word press template. Thanks for this – exactly what I have been looking for.

    Thanks – much appreciated!

  • Earle Lafuente

    Dec 21st

    Hy,Awsome information and correct towards the point. I do not know if it is actually the very best place to ask but do you have any ideea where to use some expert writers? Thx

  • Kathy

    Dec 27th

    Darn! It looks like the one I want to purchase, Sketch’d, is no longer available.

  • wordpress skins

    Feb 25th

    Excellent list.. thanks for sharing.. i like all the themes created by elegantthemes i have membership account on that website.

  • Shane

    May 12th

    Wicked post. Check out this “Dark ‘n Gritty” theme! http://foxhoundbandthemes.com/themes/dark-gritty-theme/

  • Tom

    May 31st

    I like the Papyrus one, it looks awesome. We made a couple of grunge themed templates as well, maybe have a look: http://www.mybandtheme.com/features/17-beautiful-layouts/

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