28 Free CSS-Only Code Snippets for Web Developers

HTML5 and CSS3 web development has pushed the boundaries of what is possible online. Modern browsers have also jumped aboard the bandwagon to support a multitude of these newer effects. As a designer I have been amazed to find crazy CSS-based projects online. Open source is driving the future of websites and how we design layouts.

In this gallery you’ll find 28 brilliant samples of CSS-only codes. Each of these snippets are free to download or copy into your own project. As the name suggests you won’t need to rely on JavaScript at all – even for complex stuff like animations! Take a peek at these examples and see if you can utilize any of the code in future work.

CSS3 Checkbox Styles

css3 checkbox styles open source

Pricing Table

pricing table open source css3

Pure CSS Modal

modal windows only css open source

Radio Boxes

radio yes no input button checkboxes

Animated Map Marker

animated map marker open source css3


animated css loading loader design

Settings Panel

settings panel open source css freebie

Amazing CSS Slider

amazing css slider open source

Spinner with Fade

css fade spinner open source loader

Parallax Scrolling

pure css parallax scroll effect open source

CSS Rating Stars

css rating stars voting open source

Floating Labels

css floating labels effect open source

Image Slider

css image slider open source effect

Dashed CSS Shadow

css only shadow dashed text effect css3

Ecommerce Columns

ecommerce column css open source

Profile Box Widget

profile box widget open source css

Stylish Ordered List

ordered ol list css design

CSS Mega Menu

pure css mega menu navigation open source

Logo Animation

logo animation effect css only

Animated Checkboxes

css only check boxes animated

Animated Progress Bar

animated progress bar css only open source

Radial Menu

css radial menu flyout navigation

Expandable Search Field

expandable expanding search field effect

CSS Scroll Bars

css scroll bar open source codepen freebie

Framed Responsive Images

perfect responsive frame images css

Eureka UI Kit

css eureka ui kit open source freebie

Flat CSS3 Buttons

flat css3 buttons collection free

Bootstrap 3 Form

twitter bootstrap css signup form freebie

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