28 Beginner Tutorials for Modern API Web Development

Web development has grown far beyond the typical HTML/CSS/JS code structure. Modern web services like Facebook and Twitter are built with something called an Application Programming Interface. This allows developers to connect into 3rd party services and pull out data to be displayed on another website.

For this post I’ve collected a number of free online tutorials which delve into API development. These are perfect for anybody new to the scene who wants to learn a bit more about typical web services. Some will require an API key while others may simply return XML/JSON data on command. Either way these articles detail many popular development techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Facebook’s Graph API Explorer

facebooks graph api explorer to grab insights data

Using the Pinterest API

pinterest api howto tutorial development

DeviantArt API Instant Search App

deviantart api instant search howto jquery ajax php tutorial

Google Places API

google places api tutorial jquery howto development

Login and Register using LinkedIn

linkedin oauth api login register howto tutorial

Guide to the HTML5 APIs

Using the Etsy API

using the etsy api development tutorial howto

A Look at the WordPress HTTP API

http api wordpress practical wp remote post tutorial

How To Create a Twitter Widget

creating a twitter widget howto tutorial api

Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients

json based clients api development howto learning article

The Reddit API in Python

reddit api python howto tutorial open source

Objective-C JSON and the Flickr API

objectivec json flickr api tutorial howto

Vine’s Undocumented API

vine.co vine api social video sharing howto tutorial

Basic YouTube API Tutorial

pulling videos youtube api tutorial web development

Integrate the Mailchimp API in PHP

integrate mailchimp api development php tutorial

Google Maps API and Custom Overlays

google maps api custom overlays

Create a Twitter-Like “Load More” Widget

create twitter style load more widget tutorial

Creating an API-Centric Web Application

api centric web application tutorial howto

Build an Integrated Facebook App

design code howto tutorial integrated facebook application

Facebook Invite Friends API

facebook invite friends api howto coding tutorial

Dead-Simple Twitter Feed with jQuery

dead simple twitter feed using jquery tutorial

REST API Integration with iPhone App

rest api into iphone application objective-c tutorial

Coding a Dynamic IMDb Webapp

dynamic imdb webapp my movie api howto tutorial jquery

Simple Github API Webapp

coding jquery ajax howto tutorial github api

Game Audio with the Web Audio API

browser game audio web api htmnl5 howto tutorial

Access Dropbox Using PHP

access tutorial api php dropbox howto coding

Google Analytics API

access google api analytics howto tutorial coding


simple php rest api tutorial open source

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