32 Detailed Text Effect Tutorials for Photoshop

The best way to learn Photoshop is to push the boundaries of your knowledge. If you don’t know the basic tools then it can be difficult to get started. But true learning occurs with practical real-world application of skills by creating unique projects from scratch.

Tutorials are simply amazing for beginners since all of the details are laid out from start to finish. In the past we’ve covered Illustrator text effects and in this gallery I’ve put together online tuts for brilliant Photoshop text effects. Each of these tutorials can be useful for anyone who wants to learn about typography, smart filters, or manipulating layers with Adobe Photoshop.

Bubble Gum Text

glossy pink bubble gum text


Plastic Text

clean plastic text tutorial

Video Game Logo

diablo3 text effect logo

3D Black and Gold

3d black gold text photoshop

Neon Light Text

neon light photoshop text effect

Stencil Text

hanging paper stencil photoshop

Sand Writing

writing in sand text photoshop

Typography using Paths

photoshop paths typographic effects

Dirt Typography

dirt typography effect photoshop

Warped Wood

warped 3d wood effect photoshop

Quick Sketch Effect

handdrawn sketch effect photoshop

Metallic Lettering

cinematic lettering photoshop logo

Brushed Metal

bright light glossy metal text

Flame Effect

fire rust text effect photoshop tutorial

Copper Text

copper alloy text effect ps

Smeared Ketchup

condiments ketcup text effect howto

80s Band Logo

80s metal band shiny text effect

3D Cursive

3d metallic cursive text effect

Jelly Beans

jelly beans text effect photoshop

Denim Texture

text effect texture denim jeans

3D Ice Text

3d ice sculpture text

3D Retro Text

3d retro text effect photoshop

Bright Lights

illuminated lighting text effect

Lego-Inspired Effect

photoshop tutorial create lego text

Chalk Typography

chalk logo written digital typography

Watery Text

scary watery text effect

Baseball Texture

baseball text effect photoshop

Pink Candy

delicious pink candy effect

Action Movie Text

gradient action movie logo photoshop

Vivid Ombre

vivid ombre text effect tutorial

3D Autumn Leaves

3d autumn leaves effect photoshop

Glass Lettering

glass lettering photoshop effect

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  1. July 5, 2015

    What a stunning array of text tutorials! I can’t wait to dive in! I learned so much of what I know now in tutorials. Thanks!

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