40 Awesome Photoshop Brushes for Designers

While working, designers are always searching for high quality resources. As I’m sure you know if you are reading this post, good Photoshop brushes are always in high demand. Finding a good brush requires a lot of research and time. Below we have put together some great brushes spanning many categories of brush type.

Hope these help your work today. Enjoy!

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1. Painted Strokes Brushes

Here are 13 Photoshop brushes, ranging from 1700-2500px in size.They were made in PS CS3, so I’m unsure if they work in earlier versions.


2. Abstract Light Free Photoshop Brushes


3. Smoke Brush


4. Music Brushes


5. Out in Space Brushes

Planets, metal blobs and marbles!


6. High resolution leaf brushes

This brush set includes 7 high resolution leaf brushes.


7. Star field brushes

A nice set of brushes for star fields or any other things.


8. HD Grass Brushes


9. Valentines Doodle brush set


10. Cool Brushes

30 Photoshop brushes.


11. Space background brushes

9 brushes (400-1600 px) for space backgrounds. I reckon almost all of them need some work when implanting into a scene. (erasing parts etc.) Created from real images by Nasa.


12. High resolution floral brushes


13. Valentine brush set

Valentine Brush set consisting of mostly v.day postage, love letters, postcards, envelopes, etc. A few other random vday brushes are thrown in for good measure.


14. Abstract particle smoke

Particle Smoke adds a whole new effect and explosion to our most popular Real Smoke Photoshop brushes. From a distance it looks like smoke. Up close, a swarm of atoms are blasting and bouncing off each other. Download this huge set of 148 high resolution Photoshop Brushes.


15. Serenity brushes

These brushes are relatively huge.


16. Feather Brushes

18 brushes in different size, made in Photoshop CS version 8.0.


17. Free Floral Brushes pack

Free Floral Brush Pack made out of some scanned stuff and some images found during some heavy web surfing


18. Cosmic Light Brushes

A pack with 30 high quality beautiful light shapes. Rendered with a 3rd party software but created and tested in Photoshop CS3.


19. Hand Drawn arrow Photoshop brushes

Hand drawn elements can soften the sharp edge of some of the more corporate style designs and arrows are that perfect complimentary element – not too “in your face”. Take a look at the preview and enjoy the download! As always, any feedback is welcome. Download includes Photoshop .abr file


20. High Resolution Sunburst Brushes

Another blast from the past, a set of sunburst brushes for Photoshop – don’t act like you don’t use them! I’ll admit it, I enjoy a good sunburst every now and again!


21. Sujune Diablo


22. High resolution paint strokes


23. School Doddles

Fun doodles for back-to-school, compatible with Photoshop CS and up.


24. Water color Extremum

This HUGE pack contains 41 (resolution about 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up!


25. Dreamy Flower Set

Set of flower brushes compatible with Photoshop CS.


26. Melancholy Brushes

These brushes were created in Photoshop CS5 and the image packs are included.


27. Assorted Vintage Brushes

This is a set of 8 assorted vintage brushes in which you will find a couple of vintage borders, ornaments and even an old book.


28. Butterflies with flowers


29. Magic Bubbles brushes


30. Musik Brushes


31. Fantasy Lightning Brushes

19 Brushes to enhance your photos or digital fantasy work.


32. Gradient Shape brushes

Fresh eMedia is offering gradient shape brushes to download, free for personal and commercial use! With this brush set, you are able to create stunning pieces of artwork easily!


33. Graffiti Brushes


34. Sketch book Scribbles

This is a fun set of hand drawn Photoshop brushes featuring heart shapes, star bursts, swirls and arrows. This is a great set of brushes for adding that hand drawn flavor to your designs.


35. Bamboo Brushes

These free Photoshop brushes are inspired from my Chinese brush painting lessons. The Bamboo stroke is one of the most basic brush strokes in Chinese painting. It’s called "The First Gentleman". The bamboo trunks are hand drawn and scanned into Photoshop. I included various leaves and trunk brushes so you can create your own designs.


36. Big abstract Brushes

This pack contains 5 big brushes (four 2500px and one 2029px). Created in CS4.


37. Blue Textures


38. Paint splat Brushes

12 paint splat brushes created with Indian ink


39. Complete Tree Brush Pack

Brush pack for Photoshop CS(may work on older versions, didn’t check out though).Highly detailed trees, rendered in Vue Professional 4.5, FULL VIEW for details, brushes have high resolutions.


40. The Grasslands


Hope this showcased entertained you a lot!

Cale White is a staff writer for the DesignMag Network.

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