40 Placeholder Content Generators for Testing Project Layouts

Both websites and mobile projects often benefit from demoing content. But instead of spending your time slavishly copywriting, why not incorporate Lorem Ipsum as a method to generate filler text? Over the years many websites have popped up to offer variations on this filler content. Even static images can be embedded on-the-fly with these webapps.

I’ve scoured the Internet putting together a collection of 40 intriguing solutions for content generation. There are plenty of text-based solutions along with some image placeholders as well. Most people end up sticking with 2-3 they like the most. But it never hurts to keep a variety of resources in your designer toolbox.

Cupcake Ipsum

cupcake ipsum freebie generator website

Cheese Ipsum

cheese ipsum lorem generator website


wiki ipsum yellow flashy website design


ipsum me webapp generator filler text


metaphorpsum metaphors filler text ipsum

Lebowski Ipsum

big lebowski lorem ipsum generator

IT Crowd Ipsum

british tv show it crowd lorem ipsum generator

Bluth Ipsum

bluth ipsum arrested development generator

Coffee Ipsum

coffee ipsum website generator text

Legal Ipsum

legal policy text lorem ipsum generator


Pokémon lorem ipsum generator webapp

Designer Ipsum

designer terms filler text lorem ipsum

Cat Ipsum

cat ipsum feline text generator

Pirate Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator pirate speech terms

Hipster Ipsum

hipster ipsum terms lorem design generator

Fashion Ipsum

fashion ipsum lorem generator webapp

Startup Ipsum

startup text context design generator

HTML Ipsum

html ipsum design homepage writing ui inspiration

SEO Ipsum

seo ipsum lorem text generator webapp website

Space Ipsum

dark space ipsum text context generator

Hairy Lipsum

hairy lip mustache generator text lorem ipum

Corporate Ipsum

corporate ipsum design generator website


lorem ipsum gangsta text generator webapp

Quote Ipsum

quotes ipsum webapp generator website

Robot Ipsum

robot ipsum generator webapp website

Samuel L. Ipsum

pulp fiction movie text generator lorem ipsum


fillerati faux latin website generator lorem ipum

Hacker Ipsum

hacker ipsum text generator website


cambelt placeholder image generator

Fake Images Please

fake images please website generator placeholder


flickr holder flickholdr webapp generator images

Lorem Pixel

lorem pixel generator text images webapp


placeholder quick simple filler image generator


image holder images generator placeholder webapp

Nice Nice JPG

nice nice jpg generator images webapp

Dummy Image Generator

dummy text image generator webapp ui screenshot 2014


hhhhold image hhhold generator webapp filler content


fpo image generator content placeholder webapp


placeboxes image generator simple webapp


text generator lorem ipsum webapp homepage

Jake is a researcher and writer on many design & digital art websites. He frequently writes on topics including UX design, content marketing, and project management. You can find more work on his portfolio and follow his latest tweets @jakerocheleau.

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