650+ Free Photoshop Patterns

by Steven Snell

May 26, 2010 in Resources

The use of repeating patterns in Photoshop can help to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort, and of course patterns have other uses as well. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free patterns that are available. You’ll find some individual patterns as well as many packs of multiple patterns.

Seamless Subtle Patterns (15 patterns)Cover

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Paisley Photoshop Patterns (8 patterns)

Different Texture

Skull Patterns (2 patterns)

Skull Patterns

Paisley Photoshop Patterns

Floral Photoshop Patterns (4 patterns)

Floral Photoshop Patterns

Flower Photoshop Patterns (6 patterns)

Photoshop Patterns

Different Texture (1 pattern)

Hand-Drawn Scrolls (1 pattern)

Hand-Drawn  Scrolls

Antique Engraved (1 pattern)

Antique  Engraved

Stylized Clouds (1 pattern)

Stylized  Clouds

Grungy Natural Beige Patterns (6 patterns)

Grungy Natural Beige Patterns

Grungy Natural Beige Patterns 2 (6 patterns)

Grungy Natural Beige Patterns 2


Floral (1 pattern)


Leafy Set (3 patterns)

Leafy  Set

Gypsy Garden (1 pattern)

Gypsy  Garden

Late Bloomer (3 patterns)

Late  Bloomer

Hexagonal Patterns (72 patterns)

Hexagonal Patterns

Damask (1 pattern)


Charcoal Damask (1 pattern)

Patterns by onethirtytwo (6 patterns)

Patterns by onethirtytwo

Tileable Classic Nebula Space Patterns (8 patterns)

Tileable Classic Nebula Space Patterns

Tileable Starfield Patterns (5 patterns)

Tileable Starfield Patterns

Carbon Fiber (10 patterns)

Carbon  Fiber

Carbon Fiber (1 pattern)

Carbon Fiber

Spiderman (1 pattern)


Seamless Stripes (13 patterns)

Seamless Stripes

Stripe Patterns 2 (20 patterns)

Stripe Patterns 2

Basic Elements (50 patterns)

Basic Elements

Handmade Paper (8 patterns)

Handmade  Paper

Grunge Patterns (9 patterns)

Grunge  Patterns

Victorian Dreams (10 patterns)

Victorian  Dreams

Grim Lady Baroque Patterns (4 patterns)

Grim Lady Baroque Patterns

Midnight Blue Patterns (6 patterns)

Midnight Blue Patterns

Carbon (2 patterns)


Skulls and Hearts (3 patterns)

Skulls and Hearts

Patterns Pack 4 (3 patterns)

Patterns Pack 4

Hearts and Boxes (3 patterns)

Hearts and Boxes

Patterns Pack 04 (10 patterns)

Patterns Pack 04

Patterns Pack 05 (15 patterns)

Patterns Pack 05

Patterns Pack 21 (15 patterns)

Patterns Pack 21

Vintage Pea Green Patterns (6 patterns)

Vintage Pea Green Patterns

Grungy Vintage Dots (8 patterns)

Grungy Vintage Dots

Tileable Clouds (4 patterns)

Tileable Clouds

Flower Patterns (4 patterns)

Flower  Patterns

Pretty in Pink (2 patterns)

Pretty  in Pink

Tech and Screentone Patterns (26 patterns)

Tech and  Screentone Patterns

Web 2.0 Patterns (139 patterns)

Web  2.0 Patterns

Halftones (28 patterns)


Scanlines (21 patterns)


Terrains (8 patterns)


Wood Patterns (9 patterns)

Wood  Patterns

Concrete Patterns (12 patterns)

Concrete  Patterns

Textured Stripes (6 patterns)

Textured  Stripes

Micro Patterns (54 patterns)

Micro  Patterns

Animal Prints (32 patterns)

Animal  Prints

Honeycomb (5 patterns)


Elegant Floral (1 pattern)

Elegant  Floral

Mono Circles (3 patterns)

Mono  Circles

Tileable Icy and Watery Seamless Blue Textures (9 patterns)

Tileable Icy and Watery Seamless Blue Textures

Grungy Teal Tileable Patterns (6 patterns)

Grungy Teal Tileable Patterns

Tileable Basket Weave Textures (4 patterns)

Tileable Basket Weave Textures

Diagonal Stripes (6 patterns)

Diagonal  Stripes

Pink Floral (1 pattern)

Pink  Floral

Abstract Swirls (1 pattern)

Abstract  Swirls

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About Steven Snell

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design.Connect with Stephen on google+

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