A Useful Tool For Finding Free and High Quality Resources

Time means money and deadlines are shorter than ever.  Therefore, any tool that has the function of reducing your workload should be regarded as a blessing. However, most of the gizmos that you will find online aren’t free and in most cases cost so much that aren’t even worth considering them as an option.

So, what can you do then? Before I answer you this question, you need to take the following advice really seriously.  Therefore, if you care about your money, then you should try to avoid the so called premium stock images companies as well as those websites that promise to magically transform overnight your code into a .PSD file.

Now, let me answer the question.  As a graphic or web designer two things interest you the most and both are related to saving: time and money.  It doesn’t matter to which category you belong to, since you have probably noticed by now that the most time consuming activity is finding the right resources and as fast as possible.

And as me, you know that Google’s algorithm is sh*t when it comes to finding resources. However, I’ve recently stumbled upon a really useful and time saving tool called Freepik.  This will give you the possibility of searching through 1.4 million high quality free resources such as stock photos, vectors, illustrations or .psd files.  Freepick is basically a search engine and what it does is similar to what Google does, with the big exception that the former has a special and powerful algorithm dedicated only to finding free and high quality resources for graphic designers.



Furthermore, if you’re a web designer you might be interested as well in a tool that Freepik has recently created. It’s called CSS Matic and it will generate tons of cool stuff for you.  Therefore, by using this tool you can get a gradient generator, a border radius, a noise texture or a box shadow. And it’s extremely simple to use and you can always preview your work. After that, you’ll just have to copy the code and insert it into your project.



Freepik and its CSS Matic tool are really great and I fully recommend them to you.  Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save a lot of money.  However, although in most cases free doesn’t mean high quality, you’ll see that Freepik it’s different and you’ll not waste your time with it.  Nevertheless, if you’re still not convinced, then you should definitely check the list below and you’ll immediately see that what I’m taking about it’s true.












Thus, my impression is that Freepick and its niched web designers CSS Matic are amongst the best tools for finding free and high quality resources and for finishing your project with minimum costs and time spend.



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