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by Steven Snell

October 14, 2008 in Resources

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most popular programs for web designers and developers. The online community of Dreamweaver users has produced a wide variety of resources and tools that may be of interest to other users. This is a collection of excellent tutorials, some places to find other tutorials, Dreamweaver extensions, community resources, templates, and more.

Dreamweaver Tutorials:

If you’re looking to improve your skills with Dreamweaver or learn some new things about building websites with the program, here is a collection of some excellent tutorials on various topics.

Dreamweaver Template

Dreamweaver Resources

Basic CSS Tableless

Dreamweaver Resources

Form Validation

Dreamweaver Resources

Flash Video the Easy Way (video tutorial)

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver CS4 CSS Features (video tutorial)

Dreamweaver Resources

Three Approaches to Design in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Resources

Five + 1 Common CSS Hang-Ups in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial: DIV/CSS Tableless Layout Based Website

Dreamweaver Resources

How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS3 – Part 1 , and Part 2

Building Your First CSS Site

Overview of CSS Features in Dreamweaver CS3

Understanding the New Dreamweaver CS3 CSS Layouts

Taking a Fireworks Comp to a CSS-Based Layout in Dreamweaver:
Part 1: Initial Design
Part 2: Markup Preparation
Part 3: Layout and CSS

Styling Forms with CSS:
Part 1: Accessibility and Form Element Styles
Part 2: CSS-Structured Forms
Part 3: Two-Column Form Layout

Places to Find Tutorials:

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials – Smashing Magazine

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Tutorials – Entheos

Dreamweaver Resources

Tutorials from Community MX

Dreamweaver Resources

Tutorials from DMXzone

Dreamweaver Resources

Layers Magazine

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver 8 Video Tutorials


PHP Tutorials for Dreamweaver


Dreamweaver’s capabilities can be greatly enhanced by the right extensions. There are already-developed extensions for all kinds of purposes, some are free and some are not.

Community MX

Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources

Joomla Dreamweaver Extension

Dreamweaver Resources

Drupal API Extension for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Resources

Complete CSS Menu

Dreamweaver Resources

Tree CSS Menu

Dreamweaver Resources

CSS Layout Magic

Dreamweaver Resources

Style Switcher Lite

Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources

Places to find Extensions:



Dreamweaver Exchange

Templates and Layouts:

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your work or speed of the work flow by starting with a blank framework, templates can be just what you’re looking for. The list below includes a 3 places to find blank CSS-based templates that can serve as a starting point for your design projects. There is also a premium tool for helping you to quickly create layouts in Dreamweaver (CSS Sculptor). Additionally, there are several resources for buying premium templates that you can edit in Dreamweaver. There is a very wide variety of quality when buying templates, so if you’re considering doing so, please be careful and inspect the quality of what you’re buying as much as possible.

CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Resources

Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts

Dreamweaver Resources

Code Sucks

Dreamweaver Resources

Layout Gala

Dreamweaver Resources

Template Monster

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Graphics

Dreamweaver Templates from Projectseven

CSS Web Templates


Improve the efficiency of your workflow by taking advantage of Dreamweaver’s keyboard shortcuts. Here is a resource for Dreamweaver 8 and for CS3, as well as a tutorial for creating your own keyboard shortcuts.

Dreamweaver CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Dreamweaver Resources

Create Your Own Dreamweaver Shortcuts

Official Dreamweaver Resources:

A couple of helpful “official” Dreamweaver resources. The Development Center has lots of tutorials and other resources to help you get more out of Dreamweaver. The Exchange is a great place to share and find extensions and other resources.

Dreamweaver Development Center

Dreamweaver Exchange


If you’re interested in getting some interaction with other designers and members of the Dreamweaver community, here are some of the leading online communities.

Community MX

Dreamweaver Resources


Dreamweaver Resources

Web Standards Project – Adobe Task Force

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Club

Dreamweaver Resources

For design and development tutorials please see:

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