AppSeed – Turn Sketches into Functioning Prototypes

by Inspiredology

on September 22, 2013

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AppSeed lets you take your sketches and make them into functioning prototypes, bridging the gap between pen/paper and digital, through computer vision. It allows you to sketch your designs as you normally would and then manipulate your sketches directly on your phone.

Unlike similar products, the use of computer vision speeds up the process and understands your sketches. AppSeed can identify an enclosed space in your sketch, allowing you to make it into a button, input text, map, or another UI element. Making your sketch into a functioning prototype running on your phone.
AppSeed exists to speed up how you create, test and share your ideas.

My good pal Greg still needs a few more bucks to get this project realized, support the cause! –> AppSeed Kickstarter


AppSeed is designed to fit into your existing process. Sketch your designs on paper as you normally would. Capture your designs through your phone camera. This is where AppSeed starts to do some of the heavy lifting. It uses computer vision to automatically crop your design to the designated area, and isolate each drawn element. With your elements now isolated, you can interact with them. You can move them or make them function as the UI element you want them to be. Test your design on the phone and edit it in Photoshop through PS Connection. This creates a Photoshop document that has all your drawn elements on their own layers, giving you the pixel perfect control to move your design into the next stages of production.


With coverage on Co.Design, Design Taxi and PSFK, the kickstarter campaign is gaining momentum.

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